Get a report with selected shows by price category

Want to see how many tickets you've sold for each price category for a number of shows? Use this report to survey your demographics. In the example below, you can see which age groups are attending your performances.  With this information, you can make important programming and marketing decisions.

What is the 24 hour clock you have to use in on and off sales times?

When you are setting up on and off sale times in Wintix, have you noticed the message about how Wintix uses a 24-hour clock?

While a 12 hour clock is more familiar to us, most of the world uses a 24-hour clock as it is more precise and less likely to cause time confusions. It's very important you use this tool correctly or your sale times may not be what you planned. 

bigIs your text too big to fit on a ticket or report?

Is only part of the ticket or report text appearing because it's too big to print correctly? Turns out it's almost always a Microsoft Windows display issue. And it's something that is easily fixed in your computer's Control Panel. 

You'll need to go to slightly different places, depending on whether you are running Windows 7 or Windows 10, so read what to do here.
You can restore deleted customer names! 

Actually, even if you delete someone from the customer records, they aren't really gone. They are just moved to the inactive customer table.

You can learn how to restore names here.  Wintix 6 even has a new easy Restore Button! 

What's that? You didn't know you could delete customer records?! Learn more here.

Huh? What are "inactive names?" There are set parameters that Wintix uses to define them. And, yes, you can move them from the active customer table to the inactive customer table so you have a cleaner and more accurate list of current patrons. You can learn about that here. 

Support and Security Updates for Windows 7 ending 1/14/20

We know there are probably a lot of you who say, "So what?" But we also nag you enough about making sure you have the latest updates in Wintix, that you are probably aware we think updated, supported software is incredibly important. 

What will most likely happen when support and updates for Windows 7 ends? Maybe nothing. Maybe hackers will take advantage of the crumbling software walls and vulnerability to wreak expensive damage. Eventually much of the software you run won't work. 

One sure thing is that you need to start thinking and planning for this now if you are running Windows 7 machines. You may be able to upgrade or decide it's time to upgrade your hardware. 

Microsoft is pretty good about explaining why they think you should upgrade (of course, since they sell it). Are there any advantages? No. The only thing that Windows 10 offers is continuing patches for security. If you do not go out on the web, you don't need to worry. If you do surf the web, you should upgrade. The main way that Windows systems are compromised is with phishing attacks. These come in with unsolicited email. You still need to be careful.

 You will find that Wintix 6 works fine. However, there are problems that can crop up. 
  • The Windows 10 desktop can be configured a variety of ways and can look as much or as little like Windows 7 as you like.  You will need to spend time figuring out how to get it to your liking. 
  • You may need to run new installations of Wintix 6 as an administrator if Windows says that there is a security violation. 
  • You may need to update the printer driver and put in new settings for your ticket printer to ensure it works correctly.
  • Remember, these are Windows issues, not Wintix issues.

builddateIs your Wintix build date April 25?

If you are using Wintix 6
Your software will automatically update, but it requires that you close and reopen the program. You can also manually download an update.

If you are using Wintix 5
Please be advised we are no longer updating this version. Contact for information about upgrading to Wintix 6.

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