Lillie Lemon - photo courtesy of Darin Donohue

"Sinking" by Lillie Lemon
Center Stage Software owners, Bruce and Diane, don't just create software for theatres and entertainment venues. They had a starring role in producing an up-and-coming entertainer, too!

The musicians featured above are the indie electro-pop duo Lillie Lemon. Lillie is the lead singer and a wonderful songwriter. Her partner is none other than Eric Rowe (professional name Erica Wobbles), son of Diane and Bruce. Eric plays keys and rhythm, and produces.

Right now, Lillie Lemon is on a nationwide tour. Here they are doing a Tiny Desk Concert performance of their original track, "Sinking."

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Enough about what's happening in our neck of the woods. We want to know what is happening in yours! We'd love to share your news with our whole Center Stage Software family!

Here's the latest from one of our clients, in fact.

Congratulations Bossier Parish Community College!

Students and staff of Bossier Parish Community College's Theatre Program received seven awards for distinguished achievement April 16 at the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, D.C.

Pictured receiving awards is BPCC Theatre student Jesse Kortus, BPCC's Dean of Communication and Performing Arts Dr. Ray Scott Crawford, and BPCC Theatre student Madeline Hiers. Read all about it! 
Still getting emails from is continuing to send out emails about changes due to their technical updates. We've already sent you word about a small setting change that needs to be made in Wintix for credit card processing. If you've already done that, thank you! If not, please follow these instructions as soon as conveniently possible.
  • Authorize.Net connects to lots of companies and handles lots of data.
  • The connections to Authorize.Net needed some upgrading. This usually means new services, faster connections and new features. This also means taking the old portal down and replacing it with a new portal.
  • Authorize.Net needed to let everyone connect to them with a new address - and they needed to tell everyone to do it. That's why they started sending messages.
  • Your part is simple. You need to change the "secure" in your link to "secure2".  Instructions are here. 
  • Everyone has to do it. It should take you about two minutes.
We have made the necessary updates for those of our Webtix rental clients whose database and Webtix shopping cart we host.  
ticketsSave some clicks when printing tickets

Got a bunch of tickets to print for someone and Wintix keeps opening a window that makes you click on a "Print" button each time?

That can be annoying and time consuming. With one click of a mouse button, though, you can avoid all the rest.

Don't get hooked by a spear phisher! phisher

You open an email from a trusted associate or friend but something seems a little off. Maybe their word choice is not how they usually write. Maybe there is an attachment or link to a subject that normally wouldn't interest you or the email sender.

Chances are good that a hacker is doing a bit of "spear phishing" - baiting you to open a link or attachment by trying to fool you into thinking the email is from someone you know. 

We have an excellent post on our Help Desk that explains what spear phishing is, how it happens (even to some really savvy companies) and how to protect yourself. There's even a link to an article about how much phishers charge for your data!

Read our a-lure-ing (sorry!) Help Desk post now.
Live video stream on Facebook fb

You're always looking for ways to increase ticket sales and patron loyalty, right? Well, now there's a way to get them in the door before they ever step inside.

Facebook has rolled out Facebook Live, which lets you stream live video through your feed. All you need are a few good ideas to create some real excitement about what is going on at your organization.

Because it's live, you and your fans can interact real time with each other. Here's some inspiration on how to use it:
  • Give patrons a backstage tour
  • Broadcast a chat with a director or actor
  • Teach them about set design, lighting or how the box office works
  • Show folks a bit of a rehearsal

And remember! You can now add a "Book now" button to your Facebook page that will take visitors directly to your Webtix page so they can instantly buy tickets! Learn how to add a "Book now" button.

Here is a good article from Facebook on how to use this new feature.


Here are some great tips and "how to's" to get you started. 

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