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The Dialysis Facility Compare: How can it help you?

(1)Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. How can Dialysis Facility Compare help you? Find and compare Dialysis Centers| Dialysis Facility Compare. Published 2019. Accessed April 2019.
How to use the Dialysis Facility CompareWebsite
Step 1
Enter the State, Town or Zip-code that you or your loved one is looking to seek treatment

If the Dialysis Center's Name is known you can type it in under "Dialysis Facility Name"
Step 2
After entering the desired area, the results will appear. It will show the facility's ranking out of 5

Click the button "Add to Compare" to select different facilities
Step 3
Select up to three (3) facilities to do a full comparison.

If a facility was selected by mistake press the Red Button "Remove from Compare" to remove them from the comparison
Step 4
Once the three facilities are selected, scroll up to the top of the page and select the Green Button "Compare Now"
Step 5
After you clicked to compare the facilities, there will be three tabs at the top. The first tab is "General Information" : this answers general questions about the facility. Each facility is line up side by side to allow for a full comparison
Step 6
The tab next is "Survey of Patient Experiences". This tab provides the patient's perspective on their experiences with hemodialysis at the following facilities.
Step 7
The final tab is " Quality of Patient Care". The facilities ranked for Patient's Quality of Care in many areas, including:
-"Avoiding unnecessary transfusion"
-"Preventing blood stream infections"

Click each title to reveal the facility's ranking in that area of care.