8th April 2021
Hello Friends,
This lovely lotus is a great image for us here in the Northeast as we are in the thick mud season. 
This time of transition between seasons, just like some transitions in our lives, can be a bit messy. The ground is squelchy and unsteady in places beneath our feet. But in the wet, dark, murk, new life is sprouting, pushing towards the light. Soon, inevitably, there will be leaves, flowers, Spring births and re-births. 
The snowdrop blossoms are already peeking out and in no time we’ll be swapping our muck boots for sandals!  
Here's a taste of what's new in the store...
Incredibly soft, lightweight knits in cheerful colors. Classic styling with sweet details. These drape really nicely over a tank top so they're perfect for layering.
Slippery, silky blouses that feel dreamy on your skin. Wear them long-sleeved for a crisp, clean look or roll and button with the tab for casual elegance.
The comfort of cotton linen in striking prints and stylish solids. We have assorted necklines, shapes and lengths to choose from.
Healing gemstone necklaces that pair with the traits of each star sign to highlight strengths and support balance and peace.
daily love
Growing into Grace
This is the story of Mastin Kipp's bumpy journey from a crisis of drug addiction in hard-partying Hollywood to grace. The wisdom of allowing catastrophes to become opportunities is an ancient adage but Kipp's voice is novel and compelling. He's particularly motivating and quite funny about personal growth requiring action rather than just reading about it which is what he calls 'spiritual entertainment'.

Here's an excerpt:

We live in a world filled with so much pain and suffering. How can bliss be who we are? And yet it's true. Below the fear of uncertainty, which operates at the level of your body, there is an infinite Soul - a spirit connected to All That Is. The goal in life is to be in such rapport with your body that your Soul can shine through effortlessly.
And my friend, your Soul doesn't need personal growth. It doesn't need green juice or yoga. That's for your body. Once we accept our humanness, the Soul naturally shines through. Our humanness needs personal growth, a stronger digestive tract, to be carrying less weight, or a calmer nervous system. All personal growth is for our human side. The Soul is doing just fine.
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