April Shower Were In Full Affect
What a weird month of weather we've had between a little snow early in the month to hail and rain later on, it's lucky we got any outside work done in April. This month has flown by and with the warm weather upon us there seems to be no slowing down. So if you are lucking to get us in this summer please give us a call or E-mail us early.
Tip Of The Month: 5 Funky tricks using house hold items
Kool-aid, ice cubes, soap, Vaseline, and pantyhose... Now, MacGyver might be able turn them into a life saving device in a bind, but they also work as remedies for your standard household issues. Checkout these 5 funky home repair and maintenance tricks. As the scouts law says "wise in the use of all resources" Five Funky Fixes
Toronto Keeps Climbing !
Not because of how tall the condo towers are... Although that is true too.Toronto is now the 12th most expensive housing market in the world and climbing. With the average Toronto house costing $766,832 And with the rental market in such high demand, a shortage of close to 10,000 units, it may be time to think about turning your basements into a rental. Checkout the full article below.

The Trendy Homeowner: 2019 Trends
Spring brings, excitement and energy. Many people choose too spend that new found vigor on redecorating. So here are 2 of the trends going around in 2019.

Velvet Furnishings - Luxurious yet funky. Velvet is back, this multi-dimensional fabric has already started re-gaining attention, leading many designers to believe velvet decor will be one of 2019’s most sought-after trends. In fact Erik has one in his condo.

Matte Finishes - Look for matte finished furnishings and decorative pieces. Matte brings a certain depth that can't be replicated and with the new technology in paints, they are almost as strong as glossier paints.

Burnt Yellow - Popular in the 60's (at least that's what my dad says) burnt yellow is back. Considered overwhelming for over 50 years or, it is back to being bold and beautiful. use it as an accent or a statement piece. Burnt yellow is sure to make your home feel joyous in 2019.

Floral Patterns - My grandma's house was covered in floral everything. However, in 2019 floral has changed, With exaggerated proportions and contrasting colors it is less about realism and more about eye popping.