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Legislative Update

Friday, April 13th was the deadline for House bills to be approved by committees for consideration by the full House. Only two of my bills actually survived this process. One is HB4828, which addresses concerns over people who are "left behind" by criminal justice reforms. When we pass a law reducing penalties for a crime, there are still currently incarcerated persons left serving sentences they wouldn't have gotten today. This bill would allow them to petition for re-sentencing  based on the reduced guidelines.

HB4888 stems from a series of hearings we had last year concerning increased violence in facilities operated by the IL Department of Corrections and the Department of Juvenile Justice. DJJ has been forthcoming with data, but concerns about transparency in IDOC reporting led to three different versions of this bill being introduced. Working with Representatives Tom Bennett & Michael Halpin we agreed to combine our efforts. Representative Bennett represents an area that has been deeply impacted by this surge in violence and I will be transferring sponsorship of the bill to him. I will work closely with him to ensure that we get the information we need to rebuild confidence in our criminal justice system.

When news broke of the scramble to woo Amazon to build their second headquarters in cities all across the country, I continued my years-long effort to inject sanity into the corporate subsidy feeding frenzy. We offer incentive packages with no real link to the actual benefits the deal might deliver to our state, and with no accountability or guarantees that the benefit will materialize. HB4131 sought to cap the tax incentive amount and link it to the total number of jobs created by the deal and HR655 called for caution, more transparency and public involvement in crafting bids of this sort. Neither were given a hearing and both remain in the Rules Committee where they are unlikely to see the light of day. All of this in spite of recent news showing that Amazon pays little to nothing in American taxes

Last session, Sen. Daniel Biss was able to pass a critically important piece of campaign finance reform legislation that would help to minimize the impact of big money on our political system. The Small Donor Matching Bill (SB1424, HB5531) would provide matching dollars via a public financing system for small donations for candidates who opt into the system. It could go a long way towards leveling  the playing field for candidates who don't have the personal wealth to self-finance. Unfortunately, neither SB1424 nor HB5531 were allowed to advance before the committee deadline and the bills are unlikely to advance this year. However, we will be holding a public hearing on HB5531 at 10am on May 1 in the Bilandic Building in Chicago. Click here to get more information and submit a witness slip in favor.

Condo Bill

Dozens of constituents have contacted me with concerns about a piece of a recently passed condo law bill, HB189. In response to those concerns, I sponsored HB 5126 to eliminate the provision that requires owners to share an email address and telephone number with management that can then be viewed by other unit owners. 

Chairman Andre Thapedi, who runs the Judiciary-Civil Law committee, disagrees that this is a problem. When the City of Chicago took matters into their own hands and blocked this from taking effect in the city, Chairman Thapedi introduced HB 4910, which would override that city ordinance. I strongly oppose that effort. 

In the Senate, Sen. Kwame Raoul is sponsoring a different bill (SB 572) to alleviate the privacy concerns, which I will support if and when it passes. 

Cannabis Bill Update

Senator Heather Steans and I continue to meet with stakeholders and colleagues to gather input for a new version of the bill to legalize and regulate cannabis. We recently held a very successful town hall meeting on the social justice and restorative justice components of the bill with Rep. Jehan Gordon-Booth and Rep. Marcus Evans in Peoria. We expect to have an updated version of the bill in the weeks ahead and will continue our schedule of public hearings and town hall meetings.

Budget Update

Last week, Governor Rauner met with the leaders of all 4 legislative caucuses and requested that a bipartisan budget negotiating team be appointed with members from all 4 caucuses. As one of the five appropriations committee chairs, I was selected along with Reps. Kelly Burke (Higher Education), Greg Harris (Human Services), Fred Crespo (State Government), and Will Davis (Elementary & Secondary Education). Rep. Mike Zalewski who chairs the House Revenue Committee rounds out our team.  We will begin meeting along with the appointees from the other caucuses this week and I will keep you updated via this newsletter and my social media channels.

Next Friday is the last week for bills to pass their originating chambers. Next week, I'll share more about Senate bills I will be carrying in the House.
Annual Clean and Green April 21st

Force for Good

Chicago Police Department
Office of News Affairs

Eddie T. Johnson, Superintendent
Anthony Guglielmi, Director

Chicago Police Department Invites Applications for its
" Force for Good" Program to Help Non-Profit Organizations
Better Serve Chicago Residents and Communities

CHICAGO - Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie T. Johnson announced that an innovative  CPD initiative first introduced in 2011 will be adopted again this year. 

CPD's A Force for Good

(FFG) Program is designed to strengthen the capacity of community- and faith-based nonprofit  organizations (NFPs) to contribute to public safety by providing critically important services to pe ople living in Chicago communities experiencing high rates of crime.

CPD knows that community safety will improve when these local organizations are capable,  smart, and well-resourced. To this end, the FFG program a delivers a free twelve-month  program of capacity building (i.e. organizational assessments; skill-building workshops;  mentorship; opportunities to learn from and partner with each other; consultation with NFP  subject matter experts) designed to help NFPs expand their good work. All FFG activities are  grant supported - there is no cost to participate.

CPD's FFG is part of a broader focus on building the capacity of nonprofit organizations  throughout Chicago, and it is actively managed by the Chicago Police Department's Grants  Unit and an Advisory Board including representatives from: CPD's Community Policing Office;  Chicago Area Project; Chicago Cares; Chicago Department of Family and Support Services;
Chicago Department of Public Health; Forefront; Goodcity; Illinois Department of Human  Services; University of Chicago-Chapin Hall; and FFG graduates Chicago Tutoring Connection
(formerly, Cabrini Connections) and IMPACT Family Center.

The deadline to submit applications is 12 Noon Friday, May 4, 2018. 
An FFG fact sheet and  the FFG application can be downloaded from the Chicago Police Department's Community
Links website at . Community and Faith-based organizations with  questions regarding FFG services and eligibility requirements should email .
# # #
Chicago Police Department
Office of Communications
(312) 745-6110
Fax (312) 745-6999

Family Matters: Silence the Violence
Silence the Violence Description:

Youth members of Family Matters' Boys to Men (B2M) (Teen Boys Program) produced and filmed a documentary centered on the realities of gun violence in Chicago. Silence the Violence (2017) looks at the multiple causes of gun violence through the eyes of young men in Chicago, and is a culmination of roundtable discussions with the police, and the community at large.

The young men provide courageous, genuine reflections about life and death, while posing the violence problem as both an issue of easy access to firearms and lack of access to alternatives to violence. 

The result is a powerfully arranged collection of both everyday footage, statistics, 911 calls and personalization of what have come to be all too familiar news stories.

Family Matters is screening the documentary on Tuesday, April 24 at 7:00 p.m. at the New 400 Theater in Roger's Park. A panel discussion with the young men will follow. Tickets are available for $10

All proceeds will benefit  Family Matters

Summer Jobs for Youth
The City is accepting applications today for the more than 30,000 positions that will help youth gain valuable work experience while providing critical support resources
Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced the City of Chicago will begin accepting applications for the more than 30,000 jobs and internship opportunities available through the One Summer Chicago Program. The program helps youth, ages 14 to 24, gain valuable work experience while providing critical support resources. The application is available through May 21 at
"One Summer Chicago provides more than a job. It's a first paycheck, a first line on a resume, a first mentor and provides a path for future success," Mayor Rahm Emanuel said. "The skills youth develop during the summer are life skills they will carry with them long after the program has ended and I encourage everyone to sign up today."
The 2018 One Summer Chicago program will run July 2 through August 10. Opportunities range from infrastructure jobs and camp counselors; to urban agriculture and outdoor forestry projects; to office work and private sector experience.
New to OSC this year is CHICAGOBILITY, a program model for younger youth ages 14 -15.
CHICAGOBILITY is a foundational track into career exploration, self-discovery and self-awareness, which allows youth to develop their skills for employment. The youth will design and deliver a six-week program, guided by a curriculum, with a focus on the following areas: community contribution, beautification and sustainability and/or safety through youth-driven projects. Youth will participate for 15-20 hours per week for six weeks in activities that strengthen their community, build civic engagement and create safe neighborhoods.
"The Mayor's One Summer Chicago program teaches youth the essential skills that they need to succeed in career and in life," said Chicago Department of Family and Support
Services (DFSS) Commissioner Lisa Morrison Butler. "This is why we are excited about CHICAGOBILITY and its focus on our younger youth and starting them down the career path as early as possible."
Returning programs include One Summer Chicago Plus and the Summer Youth Employment Program.
One Summer Chicago Plus is a specialized violence prevention summer workforce program for high-need youth, ages 16 - 21, who reside in the highest risk communities. Recruited worksites will provide youth with a safe, well-defined experience that allows them to gain valuable work readiness skills.
Last summer, the University of Chicago Urban Labs study found by providing a summer job, through the One Summer Chicago Plus program reduced the number of violent-crime arrests for participants by 33 percent over the subsequent year.
The Citi Foundation is returning to One Summer Chicago for its fifth year in a row, with funding that has totaled over $4.5 million. The Summer Jobs Connect program, spearheaded by the Citi Foundation and the Cities for Financial Empowerment Fund, supports young adults seeking summer employment and provides safe and appropriate banking products, services, and education. Citi Foundation is also the largest private funder of the Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP), a state-wide program designed to employ out of school youth.
"Summer jobs provide young people with the opportunity to develop workplace skills and gain experience managing their paycheck at an early point in their working lives," said Brandee McHale, President of the Citi Foundation. "Our continued collaboration with Mayor Emanuel and the CFE Fund will connect more Chicago youth with a summer job experience. We've learned tremendously from our partners and youth participants over the course of four years and look forward to continuing to work together."
Under the Mayor's leadership, the city has steadily increased its investment every year in mentoring and other youth programs to address some of the most urgent needs facing the city: keeping youth safe, improving school outcomes and reducing crime. In the past seven years alone, One Summer Chicago has more than doubled to meet the overwhelming demand for these programs, serving more than 160,000 youth to date with valuable job training and work experiences.

Edgewater Village Event
Edgewater Village and
48th Ward Alderman Harry Osterman
Volunteer Opportunities Showcase

Thursday, April 26
1-2:30 p.m.
Edgewater Library, 6000 N. Broadway, second floor
Light refreshments   *   Free parking in library lot

Did you know that besides helping others, people who volunteer lead healthier, longer lives?!

Join us to learn about the benefits of volunteering, and how to pick the right volunteer position for you.

Meet with local nonprofits including;

 AARP, Bethany Retirement Community, CJE SeniorLife, Care for Real, Center on Halsted, Chicago Methodist Senior Services, Chinese Mutual Aid Association, Edgewater Environmental Sustainability Project, Edgewater Historical Society, Edgewater Reads, Edgewater Village, Friends of the Edgewater Library, Jane Addams Senior Caucus, Lions Club, Little Brothers/Friends of the Elderly, Northside Community Resources, RefugeeOne, The Saints, Southeast Asia Center, and Tree House Humane Society.
For more information, call 773-382-0764 or email

Property Tax Workshop

HOW Spring Cleaning Supply Drive

Edgewater Beautification Grants

National Able Network Commissioning Local Artists
There are no rules except the Art-Piece needs to be within the defined canvas. National Able Network wants the Artist to express the piece through the eyes of the Artist.
The Artist must submit the concept in a mock-up form that is no smaller than 11" x 17" and no larger than 24" x 36". Electronic versions of the mock-up are preferred. Please provide Name, phone number and email with the mock-up.
Mail: mock-up
Attn: Anthony Onagan
567 W Lake Street, Suite 1150
Chicago, IL 60661
Email: mock-up
Please email any questions to:
April 23, 2018, 4:00 PM
JURY: May 3, 2018
A distinct group of individuals from PILSEN and National Able Network will be on the Jury. The top three finalists will present their individual Art-Pieces in front of the Jury. The Finalist will be commissioned $2,500.00 and additional $500 can be used for the artist's supplies. The artist will have a month to complete the masterpiece.

Beware of Medicare Scam
As you know, the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) is scheduled to begin sending new cards to Medicare recipients in April 2018.  As a result, starting in February 2018, we started seeing telephone phishing scams and social media scams from people claiming to be from SSA or Medicare and either asking for information or money for a "temporary card."  These are scams!  Bottom line: if any one calls claiming to be from a government agency asking for information or money, HANG UP!  Government agencies will not call people and ask them to give information over the phone. We contacted CMS and their response:

Medicare will never call you uninvited and ask you to give us personal or private information to get your new Medicare Number and card. Scam artists may try to get personal information (like your current Medicare Number) by contacting you about your new card. If someone asks you for your information, for money, or threatens to cancel your health benefits if you don't share your personal information, hang up and call 1-800-MEDICARE (1-800-633-4227). 
This is not a new scam - just a variation on the theme.  The FTC offers resources as does the SSA (the FTC's info is easier to find).

Illinois Trivia - Win Family Pass to Chicago Chilrens Museum
Illinois had 2 other State Capitals before Springfield. What were they? No google!

The First person to send the correct answer will receive a Chicago Children's Museum Family Pass for up to 4 people. Email

Good Luck!
As always, please contact my office with any further questions, comments or concerns.

Kelly Cassidy
State Representative, 14th District