APRIL 2018
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" One in five Canadians live with mental health problems, mental illness or addiction. But the reality is, five in five of us have mental health, just like we all have physical health. We can all benefit from celebrating, promoting and acknowledging the role that good mental health plays in living a full and meaningful life." (Mental health Canada)

This is a GREAT video to watch with your kids.
WHY do we lose control of our emotions?
Grieving Together #HumboldtStrong

In tough times we can be more vulnerable to stress, worry, anxiety and depression. It’s important to take care of ourselves. Tough times don’t last. For resources on grief please click on the link. If you need some support or help please reach out to us!
Elizabeth Rummel School
At Elizabeth Rummel School classes have been talking about honesty as well as learning about matching the size of their reaction to the size of the problem. Classes have been practicing using their words to keep problems small.
Grade 3 Soul Warmers at ERS were kindness elves hiding bookmarks with kind messages in the library. 

The Grade 3's at ERS learned about the importance of perseverance. Ask your young one's what they learned about their brains when effort is put into learning something and see if Popsicle Sticks pop up in the conversation. 

Social Emotional Groups in Grade 2 and Grade 3 continue to meet up with the Right from the Start team. 

Earth Day will be coming up on April 20th and you can you can expect some engaging outdoor activities will be set up to celebrate this fine place we call earth.
Lawrence Grassi School
With many of the Grade 4, 5,& 6's at LGMS, Deren has been in classes and stressing the importance of "trying". Fun and difficult puzzles were used to illustrate this point. Students got a first hand experience of what it feels like to put effort into figuring things out, and how trial and error (and perseverance) relates to learning. Some basic science was used to explain how neuro-pathways are created in our brain and how these connections are fundamental to our growth. Some children have even expressed that these have been some of the best classes of the year.
Students in all Grades at LGMS continue to drop-in individually and/or in groups to check-in and/or problem solve with Mr.D.

Playfulness and problem solving - great team and relationship building is always happening in Mr. D classroom!!   
Alpenglow School

In Kindergarten RFTS has been working a lot with the zones of regulation and the size of the problem. Kindergartens had to come up with their own problem and then rate it on a scale of small, medium or large. They then had to figure out what type of reaction would go with each problem. The question is: "does the reaction match the size of the problem?"

Grade 1 students have been talking about consent and what consent means. They have also been learning about boundaries and how to make sure we are being respectful to our bodies and other peoples bodies.

See the kid friendly video around consent and be sure to chat with your kids about this important topic!!
Grade 2 students have been exploring "manifesting my magnificence". "I AM" are the two most powerful words in the world, for whatever we put after them becomes our reality. Watch out for more of this in the coming weeks.

Banff Elementary School

At BES Kat has been talking about consent -- which parts of other peoples' bodies are off limits, who can touch your private parts (the parts typically covered by a bathing suit), learning to ask before giving hugs, and listening (and respecting it) when other people say no to being touched.

What to do when you have a problem? When is it important to tell someone? Who can you tell? Often children and youth think they should be able to handle problems on their own. Sometimes they're afraid of losing friends. Sometimes they think they should keep a secret. The message is that it's more important to tell someone when you feel that something is not right. Telling a parent, teacher, trusted adult, sibling or friend is an important first step in getting help -- for yourself or for someone else. 

Keeping the problem small! Students at BES have been thinking of problems they've had, deciding if the problem is small, medium or large, and then learning what is the right sized response. You can keep a big problem small by having a small response. And that's always the best way to go.

Soul warmers will be performing a Shakespeare-inspired play about loving the earth for Earth Day on Friday, April 20 at 1 pm. 

The drama club is working on "A Twisted Fairy Tale," and Claymation club, as always, meets weekly to create stories with clay.

Here is a great article on Kids and Perfectionism: How can you help your child deal with this high anxiety trait....

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