Reduce energy waste with ConZerv

While reverse osmosis (RO) has changed over the decades, the one thing that hasn't changed is the feed water spacer material which separates the membrane layers.

Our goal was to offer a more energy-efficient solution

Aqua Membrane incorporates our patented Printed Spacer Technology® in the element construction. Compared to mesh spacers, printed spacers have fewer obstructions and a customized pattern. This allows the water to move through the element more easily — saving up to 60% of the wasted energy.

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Aqua Membranes' CEO Craig Beckman sat down with Abby Davey of H20 Global News to talk about our innovative approach to water reuse.

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Going to the conference? Stop by booth #509

The Aqua Membranes team is excited to celebrate the official launch of CONZERV at the 2023 Membrane Technology Conference & Exposition. If you're going to be there, be sure to make time to talk to us about how this new technology creates space for sustainable water reuse.


"Printed Feed Spacers in the Wild"

Wednesday, February 22

4:45 pm PST

Aqua Membranes' CJ Kurth will discuss the construction and manufacturing process used to prepare spiral wound RO elements that contain printed spacers features serving as a feed channel. He will also review design considerations and opportunities provided by their use, and present case studies from two full-scale installations using printed elements.

A Message from the Aqua Membranes Team

Releasing ConZerv is an important moment for Aqua Membranes. Our company, like many others, started in a garage with an idea. Through several different design attempts, failures, and perseverance we have released a groundbreaking product.

This isn’t the finish line by any means. It is the beginning of a new era for spiral-wound elements. With ConZerv and other products of-its-kind in the future, we hope to create space for the water industry so that spiral-wound RO elements can help to ensure we have clean and renewable water for generations to come.

About Aqua Membranes

With its unique Printed Spacer Technology®, Aqua Membranes is revolutionizing membrane water filtration in home RO systems, desalination, food and beverage, and industrial processes.  Applying a unique customized raised pattern to flat sheet membranes, the new technology replaces conventional mesh feed spacers in spiral-wound elements. This simple innovation dramatically lowers user operating expenses and capital costs and increases water throughput capacity.

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