Western States Continue to be
Hammered by Drought
According to a new study published in the journal Nature Climate Change, drought-like conditions across the American West are the worst they've been in the last 1,200 years. Lake Mead and Lake Powell, two important reservoirs, are at about one-third of their capacity. The Colorado River has been affected so drastically that NASA satellites are observing how the region is changing from space. 
Watch this PBS NewsHour video on how climate change is creating a tipping point for the U.S. and the rest of the world.
UNM Adopts Printed Spacers at Power Plant
The University of New Mexico’s Ford Utility center became the first power plant to utilize Aqua Membranes Patented Printed Spacer Technology®. The University’s own onsite plant uses RO to help generate clean water for the utility center. As water becomes increasingly difficult come upon in Albuquerque, the university wanted to increase productivity and save energy without buying a new system. After changing out a few elements they were quickly able to see the benefits.
Aqua Membrane's Patent Portfolio Improves
In the last two months, Aqua Membranes was awarded two critical patents which further protect our innovation and future growth. One patent was granted in the US and the other in Israel. Both patents align with our IP strategy and focus to cover the characteristics and attributes of patterns and element construction, not just specific patterns.
A Note From the CEO
If you have followed the news at all this summer, you have probably seen articles about the severe drought. The Southwestern states, which depend on the Colorado river and its Reservoirs, are suffering the most. This unprecedented lack of surface water has emptied reservoirs and forced mandatory water restrictions in Los Angles, Phoenix, Albuquerque and many more. One practical solution many cities are considering is wastewater reuse. In the US, treated wastewater is almost always higher quality than the river or lake it is sent back into. So, instead of sending the water downstream to the next user, cities will need to recycle and reuse this water locally. Landscape irrigation and agriculture are the most common opportunities. Going forward membrane technology will need to play a larger role in this transition. 
About Aqua Membranes
With its unique Printed Spacer Technology®, Aqua Membranes is revolutionizing membrane water filtration in home RO systems, desalination, food and beverage, and industrial processes.  Applying a unique customized raised pattern to flat sheet membranes, the new technology replaces conventional mesh feed spacers in spiral-wound elements. This simple innovation dramatically lowers user operating expenses and capital costs and increases water throughput capacity.

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