The advanced technology will significantly reduce methylation of mercury in sediments.
CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- (PRWEB) -- FEBRUARY 4th, 2016: AquaBlok, Ltd., a manufacturer of materials to address contaminated sediment remediation and geotechnical sealing applications, has entered into a manufacturing and distribution agreement with Provectus Environmental Products, Inc. to provide the sediment remediation market with an effective delivery technology for the Provect-CH4 ® Methanogen Inhibitor.

The AquaGate+ delivery system, developed and patented by AquaBlok, Ltd., will support the incorporation of a low percentage of Provect-CH4 amendments for effective, uniform delivery to targeted surfaces as part of an overall sediment remediation design approach. AquaBlok, Ltd. and Provectus Environmental Products, Inc. have jointly developed a patent-pending approach to enable the further development of this technology.

Methylation of mercury in sediments can be particularly problematic. "While capping alone can significantly reduce long-term methylation in sediments, capping often can result in a short-term spike in methylation. The delivery of Provect-CH4 to a sediment surface prior to a cap installation could benefit the remediation effort by shutting down the methylation process prior to cap installation," according to John Hull, P.E., BCEE, President of AquaBlok, Ltd.

James Mueller, President of Provectusl also notes, "It is recognized that the formation of methylmercury compounds in the environment is a result of highly complex and partially understood biogeochemical processes. Consequently, new tools to address these issues will continue to evolve, and we anticipate that AquaBlok will help us advance technology in this area, as they have demonstrated success with subaqueous application of other amendments such as PAC [powder-activated carbon], Provect-IRM ® Antimethanogenic ISCR Reagent and Organoclays."

AQUABLOK, LTD., based in Swanton, Ohio, is a manufacturer of a range of patented composite particle materials that enable low permeability, thin capping products for the management, isolation and treatment of contamination in sediments and sealing in a wide range of geotechnical applications. Descriptions and detailed profiles of AquaBlok technologies can be found at

PROVECTUS ENVIRONMENTAL PRODUCTS, INC. - Freeport, IL USA - is a performance chemical provider to the soil and groundwater remediation industry. We specialize in the development and global commercialization of next-generation, synergistic ISCR and ISCO remedial technologies. Our proprietary remedial technologies represent the safest, most effective, and most cost-efficient solutions available. For more information, please visit

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