February 12, 2021
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Celestial Greetings!

The February 11 New Moon holds much promise and hope. Over the coming weeks, we'll see what it delivers.
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What are the planets up to?

The New Moon features Uranus, ruling planet of Aquarius.
A conjunction of Venus and Jupiter is exciting! Known as the two “benefics” (helpful planets), they’re the brightest objects in our night sky, aside from the Moon, of course. Venus joins Jupiter once each year and together they’re famous for opening hearts and wallets. (Jupiter is expansive and Venus rules attraction and money.) It’s easy to be loving with these two. Jupiter offers optimism and Venus contributes happiness. This time around, their meeting is in Aquarius, promoting friendship and brotherhood. It occurs on the very day of the New Moon, extending their fortunate influences through the next four weeks, the time frame of a lunar cycle.

We might be in for some unexpected pleasantries from another source, too. The degree of Aquarius where the Moon passes the Sun forming the New Moon is one-fifth of the sky away from Uranus, the ruling planet of Aquarius and a harbinger of surprises. The one-fifth connection, called a quintile, is considered an indication of luck or talent. (I’ll be lecturing on quintiles February 18 on Zoom - see Janet Sightings below.) Both Aquarius and Uranus encourage us to march to our own beat. When we add in the force of emotion (from the Moon) and determination (from the Sun), we’re able to feel confident being our authentic true self. This aspect’s energy is available to anyone during this lunar cycle, although it’s particularly advantageous if you have a planet at any of the following degrees; whatever it symbolizes will be favorably stimulated for the coming month by this New Moon quintile: 23-25º Aquarius, 5-7º Taurus, 17-19º Cancer, 29º Virgo - 1º Libra, and 11-13º Sagittarius. The Sun passes through these degrees on the following dates so if your birthday is mentioned (within a day or two at most), your Sun is positively affected, making this a good month to be creative, have fun or assert your will: February 11-13, April 25-27, July 9-11, September 22-24 and December 3-5.

Uranus and Aquarius have challenges this year, though. Saturn is traveling through Aquarius and throughout 2021 will be in a clash (90º “square”) with Uranus. Exact on three dates - February 17 (coming up in this lunar cycle), June 24 and December 24 - this sets the tone for the whole year. Saturn is the planet of order and control, associated with the status quo and generally accepted standards. It’s the traditional ruler of Aquarius dating back before the discovery of Uranus, so it’s not uncomfortable in this sign. But things get shook up when Saturn tangles with unpredictable Uranus, promoter of everything outside the mainstream. This month there’s an extra hassle: Neptune is about midway between Saturn and Uranus in a 45º “semisquare” with each, a link about as difficult as a square. This throws doubt or a lack of clarity into the mix. Neptune sits right at the top of the New Moon chart in Washington, DC, at the center of our current predicaments.

Meanwhile, Mercury is retrograde in Aquarius and makes three squares to Mars (February 1, February 10 - close to the New Moon - and March 23), signaling heated, potentially hostile, conversations and the possibility of hasty actions. These tendencies are mitigated to some degree by Mercury’s proximity to Venus and Jupiter. If their congeniality prevails, the Mercury-Mars connection could instead be helpful in putting words into action. We’ll have either a lot of competition or a lot of cooperation.

This New Moon ushers in the Chinese New Year, the Year of the Ox. Its western equivalent sign is Capricorn. This brings a steadying influence to help us be grounded amidst whatever turbulence the planets are stir up.


What astrological correlates explain the pandemic and America’s dire political divide? I suspected Neptune must be involved somehow.
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Janet Sightings
I'm excited to be the speaker next week for the Astrological Society of Connecticut (full details are on my UPCOMING EVENTS page). We have all our meetings on Zoom these days, so you can attend even if you're nowhere near my home state!

Learn about the aspects of luck and talent in "Quintile Magic" on Thursday, February 18, 2021, at 7:00 PM EST. The fee for non-members is only $10, easily payable using the "Add to Cart" button below the lecture description on the Society's home page. The deadline is the day before, Wednesday February 17, but the sooner you sign up, the better.

If you live in central Connecticut, you can see me interviewed about astrology during the pandemic on Fox 61 News (the local Fox network affiliate, not the national Fox cable news channel) on the 10:00 PM show next Monday, February 15 (repeating on the morning news the next day). I represented the ASC when we were asked for comment.

I took a long break from taping new shows during the COVID-19 pandemic shut down. The station's studio is still closed. Turns out I could record something at home using Zoom, so I've done that and the new show, Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius, should be available very soon. I'll send you the link when it's posted online. Meanwhile, you can enjoy some "evergreen" episodes that don't relate to any particular time period.

April, 2020
When times are challenging, we look to the heavens for help. The attributes of the planets and signs provide energies we can all utilize, regardless of what's emphasized in your personal chart. In this episode, Janet waxes philosophical - picture your old auntie sharing her experience and sage advice.

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Which signs are most compatible with one another? Which ones, not so much? Although many factors impinge on a relationship (and we'll touch on these), we'll explore the signs more generally, including what strengths and weaknesses each sign brings to a relationship and what is sought in a partner.

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All planets periodically and predictably come full circle to their starting point in a horoscope, whether the nativity of a person, organization or nation. Such return charts have a range of uses for forecasting and electing. This broad overview of returns discusses how to employ them to advantage.
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