What's Happening at TOPS Veterinary Rehab
Featured Treatment:  Aquatic Bioelectric Therapy
One of the unique treatment options offered here at TOPS is our Aquatic Bioelectric Therapy. 

Aquatic Bioelectric Therapy is a form of treatment combining the benefits of whirlpool therapy with the pain management benefits of electromedical horizontal therapy.  This represents an exciting avenue for providing pain relief for a variety of conditions.  Since incorporating aquatic bioelectric therapy into our regimen, we've seen dramatic results as early as the first treatment. Good candidates for aquatic bioelectric therapy are those patients that: 

  • Have an acute injury (sprains, strains)
  • Are recovering from orthopedic surgery (knees, hips, elbows, shoulders, etc.)
  • Have osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis
  • Have any type of chronic pain

  To learn more about this therapy, check out the following websites:

    VetSystems, manufacturer of the WhirlpoolTx

    Hako-Med, manufacturer of the Hako-Med horizontal therapy delivery system

Featured Employee: Danielle Nichols
Doctor's Assistant
Danielle Nichols is our newest staff member at TOPS, having joined our organization in June, and is off to a great start!  

After growing up in Fox River Grove, she attended Northern Michigan University where she graduated with a degree in Biology with a German minor.  Always active with her pets, Danielle first learned of TOPS through our sister company, TOPS in Dog Training, where her parents took the family dog Levi for training.  She learned of our opening for a Doctor’s Assistant, and a short while later joined our team, with a set goal of become certified as a Rehabilitation Assistant.  She currently lives with her dogs Levi and Lacy, and also her cat named Malaki.  During her free time she enjoys snowboarding, recreational volleyball and tennis, hiking, snowshoeing, kayaking and cliff jumping. 

We have enjoyed getting to know Danielle!  She has proven to be a quick study, which, combined with her outgoing personality, has already been a great asset for TOPS. 

Lunch & Learn
How Can We Be Of Service?
We would love to help your clinic learn more about the services we offer here at TOPS.  We have a variety of Lunch & Learn topics to help you and your staff understand when rehab is appropriate, how it can supplement & enhance the services you are providing to your clients, and what types of injuries and conditions can benefit from rehab.  Let us treat your staff to lunch and add to their knowledge base.

Interested?  Send an email to tom@tops-vet-rehab.com and we can set this up.  
Proud to Be Independent for Over 18 Years!
In these days of mergers, acquisitions, and joint ventures, TOPS is proud that it stands alone not only as the leader in veterinary rehabilitation, but as an unaffiliated, independent practice.  We leave the puppy exams, spays & neuters, medical issues, and radiology to you, the referring veterinary community, where they belong.  This allows us to focus on things like physical rehabilitation, neurological rehabilitation and pain management.  For over 18 years we have held as a steady belief that the patient is best served in an arrangement such as this.  At TOPS we focus 100% of our attention to only the physical rehabilitation and associated services to help your patients both recover from injuries as well as prevent injuries.

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