Protecting and Celebrating the River
Aquatic Education Network - Sept 2020 Update
Hello Friends,

Genesee RiverWatch, Inc., through the Aquatic Education Network (AEN), is available to support you as you reimagine what teaching and learning looks like this fall. As words like synchronous and asynchronous enter our vocabulary and we try to replicate field studies over Zoom, an essential element of success will be our ability to share best practices, collaborate with one another in new ways, and find wellness through our connections to each other and the natural world. Please reach out if you see a way for our community of educators - across a wide variety of organizations and institutions - to give you assistance and suggestions.

Here are some resources you may find helpful:

1. Genesee River Curriculum - The Genesee RiverWatch website has been updated and recent news, partner information, and Genesee River lessons can be found here:

2. Environmental Health Activities - Cait Fallone (Program Manager at the U of R Environmental Health Sciences Center) has offered to lead environmental health labs with students. These labs use science takeout kits and can be used for in-class or at-home learning. The list of labs can be found here:
Reach out to Cait at if you are interested. 

3. New Boat Launch - The City of Rochester and Genesee RiverWatch recently opened a new kayak and canoe launch at the foot of Petten Street in Charlotte. This boat launch is upriver from the O’Rourke Bridge and provides easy access to Turning Point Park and beyond for a relaxing paddle.

4. Online Maps - Interactive maps can be engaging teaching tools, especially for distance learning. Genesee RiverWatch has recently released a Blueways Map that students can use to explore the Genesee River Watershed. This map compliments their previously released interactive map of the watershed. The EPA Environmental Justice mapping tool (EJSCREEN) is also useful and can provide a bridge between environmental and social issues.

We look forward to hearing from you with your questions or suggestions.


Chris Widmaier
Mike Boller
Genesee RiverWatch works to improve the water quality of the Genesee River and its tributaries to create environmental, recreational, and economic assets for its communities. We also connect people to the river, encouraging them to explore, experience and celebrate the river. The Aquatic Education Network, an initiative of Genesee RiverWatch, is an educational program to connect K-12 students with the river system to learn how rivers are impacted by human activities and communities.