August Aquatics Newsletter

Town Pool Open Late August 4th-August 7th

 The Lexington Town Pool Complex will be open until 9:45pm from August 4th through August 7th due to the heat wave.

The Splash/Wading Pool will be closed during this extra hour.

Come by and beat the heat!

Old Reservoir Closure

Due to the drought, the water levels and conditions of the Old Reservoir, we will be closed through Sunday, August 14th and will be reevaluated.

Get up to date information on our Old Reservoir webpage.

Swim Programs

Session 4 of swim lessons will start on August 8th

Lessons run Monday-Friday at your designated swim lesson time.

This will be the last session of all of our swim programs.

Your child should meet out front of the pool facility and find the sign with their class listed. The instructors will come out to meet and take attendance.

We ask parents not to stay inside the facility to watch as it can be a distraction for the participants as well as the instructors.

Classes will run rain or shine. We will only cancel if there is thunder or lighting. If the forecast calls for the possibility of thunder or lightning please stay close because we do need to clear the facility for everyone's safety.

At this time we are not offering private lessons due to staffing concerns and want to make sure we are able to provide classes for our regular swim classes at this time.

Diving Board Closure

At this time all 3 of our diving boards are closed, due to unsafe conditions. We are looking to get them addressed as soon as possible to try to get them reopened to the public. 

Preseason Hours Start August 22nd!

Please visit our pool facility operating hours webpage for the full Post Season schedule.

During the week of August 15th:

The Diving Pool will be closed during swim lessons from 9am-12pm and 4:30-7pm.

The Wading/Splash Pad will be closed at 7pm each night

Pools may be closed periodically throughout the season due to staffing shortages.  

We apologize in advance for any inconveninences, but appreciate your understanding as we work to staff our facillities.

Lexington High School - Swim Team Practices

The Lexington girls swim team will be on site holding captain's practices.

August 22nd-August 26th

5-6pm in 3 lanes of the Lap pool

Facility Rules

Please be sure to review our facility rules before entering our facilities.

We are implementing a new swim test procedure for those looking to use our Lap and Dive Pools.

Once you have passed the swim test to use either of these pools, each time you enter the facility, you will receive a special swim bracelet to help our staff identify those who have passed the swim test. 

The bracelet will be neon orange with fish design like the image below.

If your child would like to take a swim test, please check with our Head Guard or Manager!


Keep Your Key Pass!

Your key pass can be reused next summer if you purchase another aquatic membership.

Did you know, it also works at the Community Center!

Theme Days!

Theme Days.png

Our last 3 dress up days will feature, dressing up as your favorite athlete, the Wild Wild West, and Freaky Friday.

We look forward to seeing who or what you come dressed up as!

We appreciate you coming down to the facility this summer and hope to see you again next summer!

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