Keep Aransas County Beautiful, Inc.
Aransas County Citizens to Begin
Cold Stunned Sea Turtle Rescue Program
Formally Trained Volunteers Needed
Training, Monday Nov. 26th - 9:30 a.m. to Noon
Naval Air Station - Catalina Club

  • This initiative is being led by KACB Board member Stephen Gregory. Stephen has been involved with Friends of Padre for 20+ years, Performs regular watches for Sea Turtle Eggs and is now is formally trained for Cold Stunned Sea Turtle Rescue.

  • When water temperatures drop below 50°F, sea turtles develop hypothermia, leaving them vulnerable to boat strikes, predators and death.

  • Other than our local TPWD officials, recent records indicate that there has not been a citizen focused effort in the Aransas County area. Other than the occasional fisherman or duck hunter accidentally coming across a stunned turtle.

  • Sea Turtles are protected both Federally and by the State of Texas, so one must be formally trained or accompany someone who is formally trained to perform the service.

  • Please note that this will require your participation outdoors on the absolute coldest days of the year, both in searching bay shorelines and recovering stunned sea turtles from both shorelines and water environs.
All participants must be 18 years or older.

  • Participants have until Nov. 22nd to reserve a spot, because the event is being held at the NAS and all must pass through security.

To Enroll, Please contact:
KACB - Executive Director, Rosemary Pizio-White
No later than November 22, 2018.

We invite you to join us in what could be
some very insightful and rewarding work here in Aransas County!

We encourage everyone to take a cell phone picture
of the following, just in-case you find yourself coming across one:
Report Cold Stunned Turtles:
361-949-8173 ext. 266
 After Hour Reports: 361-876-8462
(can also receive text messages)