Knights of Columbus Fundraiser This Evening at Friendly's!

Wednesday evening is a great time to go out to Friendly's for dinner and ice cream. 

Certainly for ice cream! 

And, doing so at the Friendly's located at 4601 High Pointe Blvd, Harrisburg, (just off Eisenhower Blvd. near Target and Moe's Mexican Grill) will garner 15% of sales for the Knights of Columbus from St. Catherine Laboure. The Knights are generously raising funds for the mission of The Arc of Dauphin County.

We thank this concerned group of philanthropic Knights and their leader, Jim O'Shea, who have focused on helping those with Special Needs through the work and the programs of our Arc.
Let's all turn out and set a record for the Knights' efforts.

See You At Friendly's Tonight!!  5 PM - 8 PM

Will You Walk with The Arc of Dauphin County?

  Our big day is this Saturday May 19!   The Walk For a Healthy Community starts at 9 AM, check-in and registration start at 7:45 at HACC  main campus. We will be at booth #4.
Come out and enjoy the fresh air, the beautiful campus, and the great vibe coming from hundreds of people milling around the parking lot, awaiting the start of the walk! There will be booths from all the nonprofits that the Walk supports, kids activities, refreshments, and a doggie water station. 

Have a great time with the live radio broadcast, people watching, entertainment from the stage, give-aways, and much more.

Your participation and the dollars you collect from your friends, family and co-workers who support you goes a long way to help The Arc of Dauphin County support our consumers.

But wait! There's more! If you don't want to come out and walk the walk, it is easy to still support our good work by contributing from a "Virtual Walker!" We will walk for you, and all you have to do is be a sponsor of our Arc Team! You can also form your own team and have a mini-web page complete with a running "ticker" showing the amounts your team has garnered.

Just go to  and click on the button for the option you prefer.

Raise/Donate $30 or more and  receive a T-shirt (you must be present at the Walk on Saturday to claim your T-shirt).

Raise/Donate any amount of money  online by May 21 and earn a chance to receive a $50 gift card to Fandango.  Three winners will be selected and they will be announced on the Highmark Walk Facebook page on Tuesday, May 22nd.

What: 5K Walk (starts at 9 AM, check-in/registration at 7:45 AM). 
One-Mile Fun Walk (starts at 9:15 AM)
When: Saturday May 19 at 7:45 AM. 
Where: HACC Campus, 1 HACC Drive, Harrisburg.  All booths and the main stage will be on parking lot E-5.  The Arc's booth is #4
Disable parking is located in parking lot E-4.  All parking lots are free of charge.

Craig's Corner
A Message from our President and CEO


Help our Consumers have an "Everyday Life", and the best everyday life possible: Come out to the Highmark Walk for a Healthy Community on May 19th. Just a few days to go until you will be able to help us to support consumers who want so very much to participate in their community the way others do-it can be done! Every week here at the Arc, we are out in the community with consumers, helping them to learn about the world around them. 
Learn more about how you can help-without even walking if you don't have the availability to be there in person, and without even contributing if you don't wish to make a donation. All you have to do is find friends, relatives, co-workers and other colleagues who will sign up on your Webpage that we create for you and donate to the Highmark Walk/Arc of Dauphin County. Elsewhere in this newsletter is an article on how to do this!           

Summer Day Camp   

We are reaching out to Consumers in a new way this July with the introduction of our Second Annual Respite DAY CAMP.

Each day we have a full schedule of mainly one ingredient: FUN!   Fun and learning and adventure. What a summer we have in store for you!  

Designed for ages 13 to 21, Day Campers will enjoy swimming, outdoor adventures, learning about flight, exploring nature and so many other fun and educational activities.

Summer Respite Camp starts in July, so get it into your budget now!

Please call Ken Seeger for more information: 717.920.2727.

Art Fun

Our weekly Arc Expression continues to be a successful opportunity for those with Special Needs to learn something new-spectacular crafts!  

Our own Lindsey Christie (PBS Consultant) has taken charge of this inspired project with help from our Director of Outreach, Caterina Veccia, and other volunteers from our Continuing Basic Education Classes.  

Our Consumers love making beauty out of everyday items, and you can help! We need more volunteers as the crowd of Consumers grows, and we need project supplies. If you can donate either your time or materials (Both Best!) please call or e-mail Lindsey Christie at 717-920-2727 or


This year's Golf Outing is September 19th. 

We will soon open registration, and seek all golfers who want to have a day of FUN! Our outing is supported by more donations and gifts than any other area golf outing!   

Our insurance policy pays out a cool ONE MILLION DOLLARS to all (not the first, but ALL) golfers who hit a hole in one on a specific hole (it almost happened last year!), and in the same vein, giant TV's, an automobile, a $10,000 bonus, and even a free club to all players.

There is a lot more, and it is all centered on fun golf!

Thank You

We know many folks heeded our call to protest the electric shock therapy happening at The Judge Rotenberg Center (JRC), an institution in Massachusetts for children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD), mental health disabilities, and learning disabilities.  We have all been horrified by the videos and testimony coming out of the Center.  The FDA has the power to stop it, and many of our readers joined in our efforts to flood the FDA with calls to enforce rules they already have. 

If you missed the opportunity the first time around, you can still call.  Here is what to do:

The Autistic Self Advocacy Network and The Arc of the United States are coordinating a national call-in day to demand that the FDA and Commissioner Scott Gottlieb release the regulation to ban the GED, which is the device used for electric shock. Call the office of FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb at (301) 796-5000 and ask the FDA to release the regulation ending the use of the Gradual Electronic Decelerator (GED). 

Sample Call Script

My name is [NAME] and I am from [City, State]. I'm calling on Commissioner Gottlieb to ban the GED shock devices used at the Judge Rotenberg Center. The FDA has had a final rule to ban these devices ready since 2016, but the Commissioner still hasn't released it. Every day, disabled people are being tortured with these devices. Commissioner Gottlieb needs to immediately release the rule banning the GED. We've waited long enough.

The Miller's Minute:
     All About SSI

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is a federal program that helps people with disabilities and very low incomes pay for food and shelter.  SSI is often confused with Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI).   One of the main differences between the two programs is that SSDI is available to people with disabilities no matter how much money they earn or have, while SSI places very strict limits on a recipient's income and assets. 

However, in most states, an SSI beneficiary also qualifies for Medicaid health coverage, which can be an extremely valuable benefit.  

Once an SSI applicant has shown that she is disabled, she must also prove that she meets the program's rules for income and assets.  As far as assets are concerned, to be eligible for SSI, an applicant can have no more than $2,000 in assets ($3,000 for a couple), a figure that has not changed since 1989.  If the applicant can use or liquidate an asset to pay for food or shelter, the asset will probably count as a "resource" against this limit.  A resource would include any funds held in the applicant's bank accounts, retirement accounts, or in cash.  The $2,000 resource limit does not disappear once a person qualifies for SSI. If an SSI beneficiary ends a month with more than $2,000 in her name, she will lose her benefits in the following month.   However, not all assets count towards the $2,000 resource limit. The major exclusions are:
  • The SSI claimant's home (the principal place of residence), no limit on value
  • One automobile, no limit on value
  • Household goods (furniture, etc.), no limit on value
  • Personal effects (jewelry, art work, etc.), no limit on value as long as the SSI claimant is actually using the items. 
  • Up to $100,000 in an ABLE account
  • Assets in a special needs trust, no limit on amount
The Social Security Administration currently lists 44 resource exclusions in all.  Your special needs planner can advise you on which assets you own may be excluded from counting towards the $2,000 limit.  The planner can also discuss with you setting up a special needs trust to protect an SSI beneficiary's assets while allowing her to maintain SSI eligibility.  To learn more about setting up a plan for a loved one, feel free to give my office a call for a consultation at 717-509-7154.
By Michael Miller, Chartered Special Needs Consultant

On the National Front: New CMS Rulings

Several states have been requesting approval by CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) to add work requirements for some adults enrolled Medicaid. CMS has approved work requirements in four states for adults enrolled through the Medicaid expansion allowed by the Affordable Care Act: New Hampshire, Kentucky, Indiana and Arkansas.

New Development: CMS rejected Kansas' request to apply lifetime Medicaid caps on some adults enrolled in Medicaid. Arizona, Utah, Maine and Wisconsin also requested lifetime limits on Medicaid.

CMS firmly stated that there is not intent at the Center to place a lifetime cap on Medicaid benefits. This action, cheered by many including your Arc (because it would decimate many of our populations who have been struggling financially all their lives), is contrary to the current administration's intent to allow states to make these determinations. You can read full reporting on this process in a Washington Post article by clicking here .

Welcome our Newest Volunteer--Grant Writer Rhonda Mays

Ms. Mays is a former columnist for the Patriot-News Corporation, served nine years as a budget analyst for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, was a Certified Grants Management Specialist with the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in the Washington, DC area, and operates her own company, which specializes in most phases of grant research, management, analysis and grant writing.  

"We are thrilled to have Ms. Mays join us as we move to more and more support from Foundations in order to meet our budgets, and to provide exemplary service to our Consumers. We have become increasingly focused on grant support, and with the addition of Ms. Mays who has significant grant experience, we are expecting to be able to serve more consumers than ever!" exclaimed Craig George, Arc President.   "We are fortunate that our Director of HR, Ashley Carter, has a helpful connection to AARP, and through that affiliation, we were able to enlist Ms. Mays to join our Grant Team" he added.

"The Arc is a vibrant, engaging place, and it is exciting to be here providing services for Consumers and working 

with Craig to bring our Arc and its mission to grant making entities throughout the Commonwealth and beyond. 
    What is happening here is visionary, and I'm happy to be involved with the forward motion," Ms. Mays said.

Her work at The Arc of Dauphin County will expand even more this summer as she completes her practicum for her Master's Degree--that work will also be performed at our Arc where she will work with Joe Martin and his staff in our Weekend Respite Camp. Ken Seeger, Director of Consumer Programs, echoed Ms. May's enthusiasm, "We are always looking for ways to augment our programming, and when we can do that by helping someone move forward with their degree, we are especially pleased to do so because in the end, the Consumers always benefit from enlightened and skilled staff."

Respite Day Camp

Lunch and Learn: June 20

Most Americans are Not saving enough for retirement! Many are Not saving anything at all! STaRT is a "non-commercial" program, offered by the PA Department of Banking and Securities, which discusses retirement planning.

The goal is to help you determine what your retirement goals are and how to help you get there. No matter where you are in the timeline for retirement, know that it's never too late to start. That's why the Department of Banking and Securities calls the program "Start Today and Retire Tomorrow."

While national statistics are not always positive - they indicate most of us are not saving enough for the futures we want tomorrow. The good news is that if we make changes today, we can create a better tomorrow.

We present this topic because, together with the Able Act and other programs designed for savings and investments for people with Special Needs, "STaRT" could be an important component of "down the road" planning and action.

This Arc Lunch & Learn will be held in our Community Room at our Walnut Street Headquarters, 2569 Walnut Street on June 20th at noon. We encourage participants to bring a brown bag lunch, and learn from the program in a casual, relaxed setting. Our speaker has told us he won't be bothered by people sipping soup and munching on apples! 

About our Speaker: George Dillman is the Investor Education Coordinator with the Investor Education and Consumer Outreach Office of the Pennsylvania Department of Banking and Securities.
George has over 20 years of speaking and training experience. He is very passionate about saving and investing for the future and teaching people how to protect their assets.

For the last twelve years, George has worked for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Prior to working for the PA Department of Banking and Securities, he worked for the Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry leading a team at the Bureau of Workforce Partnership Operations in Employment Services. He's worked with both employers and consumers, one on one, as well as speaking at a number of local and regional events. 

George's educational background includes a Master's Degree in Business Administration (MBA) from Rosemont College in Rosemont, PA. He also holds a Bachelor's Degree in Education from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania in Kutztown, PA.

Yummy Way to Support This Year's Faith Into Action Family Festival

  • BBQ Lunch features a generous ½ chicken!
  • Car Wash gets your car looking great!
  • Both at the same time: Chicken & Wash

To help fund the July 14th annual Faith Into Action Family Festival, you have the opportunity to enjoy a delicious BBQ lunch, and at the same time, get your car washed shiny clean!

Food & Deliciousness for you, plus a Clean & Shiny car for you as well!

When: Saturday, June 2nd

Where: 1st Assembly of God, 4100 N. Progress Avenue, near Linglestown

"Easy on the Pocket" pricing, yet it goes a long way to helping our family picnic! Only $8.00 for ½ a chicken, baked potato, roll, apple sauce! Beat that price for an equal lunch anywhere! "You gotta eat," might as well help the Family Festival in the process!

IDEA: Get enough for both lunch and dinner!

The car wash features youth from area churches of many different denominations, all of whom are volunteering their time to help raise funds for Family Fun Day. These energetic young adults will tackle the dirt and road film on your car and get it back to show room quality! 

Cost? Whatever you think their efforts are worth-and if you add a bit more to help fund the Faith Into Action Family Festival, good for you!

Upcoming Events

May 16, 2018

Eating at Friendly's on May 16 Raises Funds for The Arc
Hosted by:  Friendly's Restaurant

Location: Friendly's Restaurant, 4601 High Pointe Blvd, Harrisburg, PA
Time:  5:00 PM - 8:00 PM

15% of sales go to The Arc of Dauphin County

May 19, 2018

Highmark Walk

Hosted by: 
HACC, Central Pennsylvania's Community College, 1 HACC Drive, Harrisburg, PA.  
Disabled parking is located in parking lot E-4 on the HACC campus. The activity area for the walk is located in lot E-5. 
Registration: 7:45 AM.  The 5K Walk begins at 9:00 AM. 
The One-Mile Fun Walk begins at 9:15 AM.

Jun 1, 2018

First Friday Dance
Hosted by:  The Arc of Dauphin County

Location: The Arc of Dauphin County, 2569 Walnut Street, Harrisburg, PA
Time:  5:30 PM - 7:30 PM

Fee:  $5  

June 2, 2018

Chicken BBQ & Car Wash

Hosted by:  1st Assembly of God

Location:  4100 N. Progress Avenue, Harrisburg (near Linglestown )

Time:  10:00 AM - 2:00 PM

Fee: BBQ $8 
        Car Wash by donation


Do you like organization?  The Arc of Dauphin County seeks energized, "want to make the world a better place" volunteers to help us with our new FOA (Friends of The Arc) program, filing, organizing our many closets of supplies, materials and other projects.  Even one day a month would be wonderful help!  Call Barb Bressler at 717.920.2727.

Your place to socialize and enjoy the music is The Arc of Dauphin County.  For nearly a decade we have been offering "First Friday Dances" complete with a DJ spinning your favorite tunes.  $5.00 covers entrance and hot dogs, cookies, soda, etc. (free to Charter Members of The Arc of Dauphin County). No reservation required.

Help support our friends with disabilities through our advocacy, education, consumer programs, life in the community/inclusion, and so much more!  Your gift ensures our non-profit can continue to provide the best services possible.  Our new Respite Center, now open and operating, will also benefit from your generosity.  Please e-mail Craig George at , or call the main switchboard at 717.920.2727.

If you are thinking long term, so are we!  Planning for the future, The Arc of Dauphin County will soon launch a Planned Giving program, which will allow our supporters who own a house or other real estate, who have paid up life insurance policies, or who would like to contribute to a trust or an Arc Endowment, as well as many other planned gift vehicles, to think long term with us.  Did you know without proper planning, the largest benefactor of your estate will be Uncle Sam?  Many planned gifts pass outside of probate from you to your loved ones and other beneficiaries, such as The Arc of Dauphin County.  For a confidential consultation, please e-mail Craig George at or call the main switchboard at 717.920.2727.

Visit us at