Hugh Hoagland & Stacy Klausing Named Voting Representatives to NFPA 2112

Stacy Klausing and Hugh Hoagland have been named  voting representatives to the Technical Committee on Flash Fire Protective Garments, NFPA Standard 2112.

Hugh was a founding member of the standard in 1999 and returns to represent ArcWear Textile Testing on the committee.

NFPA 2112 is essential for manufacturers and certifying agencies. This standard protects workers from flash fire exposure and injury by specifying test methods and performance requirements for flame-resistant fabric and garments.

The criteria in NFPA 2112 cover design, construction, evaluation, and certification of flame-resistant garments for use by industrial personnel. The  intent is to ensure that products put on the market do not contribute to burn injury, provide a degree of protection to the wearer, and reduce the severity of burn injuries resulting from short-duration thermal exposures.

ArcWear is a full service testing group for NFPA 2112, ASTM F1506 and ASTM F1891 and an ISO 17025 A2LA accredited lab. Our partnering agreement with Kinectrics High Current Lab will now allow companies to test flash fire and arc flash with full service.

Our arc flash and flash fire garment auditing service gives end users and garment manufacturer's a means to verify actual fabrics with our fabric verification and garment testing services. Do you suspect that you have a fake product or a substituted product? ArcWear can help with our garment audit testing.

Christopher Lee Dasher, a 36-year-old electrical apprentice with Duke Energy Florida, Inc., was testing and repairing transformers at a substation in Reddick, FL, last October, when he came in contact with a 10,000v energized circuit.  He was not following safety protocol, and there was no observer present as he worked ...
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Arc Flash & Isolation Safety Conference

Hugh Hoagland will give the keynote address at the Arc Flash & Isolation Safety Conference in Manchester, UK,  on June 9-10, 2015.

This workshop will provide an overview of international standards on electrical safety, including shock and arc flash. It will cover the basics of the IEC, IEEE, ASTM, NFPA and CSA standards, and their interreliability.  The second portion of the conference covers arc flash PPE and research in PPE relating to clothing, flash hoods, shoes, gloves, fall protection devices and many other items worn by workers in arc flash incidents.

The information derives directly from accident investigations performed by Hugh and his extensive arc flash testing research. 

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e-Hazard partner  Al Havens will be a workshop presenter at the 2015 Region IV VPPPA Conference to be held in Orlando, Florida, June 16-18, at the Caribe Royale Resort.  

The topic of Al's discussion will be "2015 Changes to NFPA 70E"
The Region IV VPPPA Board of Directors and Region IV VPPPA has the goal of: 

  • Providing cutting edge workshops that are engaging and offer necessary information to enhance safety and health culture 
  • Challenging safety and health programs to become stronger 
  • Expanding professional skills and knowledge of those attending

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Social media is a great way to stay  connected to the latest electrical  safety news, and you can check out our  "What Not To Do" photo series!  Come and join us!
May 14-15, 2015 - Louisville, KY

Attendees will learn to instruct electric utility workers or managers on arc flash dangers and safe work practices in accordance with the NESC and OSHA 1910.269 standards.

This 12-hour course covers practical protection strategies, best practices in arc flash, and state-of-the-art in PPE.  Students receive all instructor materials including PowerPoint slides, instructor and student manuals, and free updates. The license allows training of workers for just the cost of a $30.00 workbook per student.  This is our most popular utility class.  The course counts for 5 CUSP points.

We have a 5 hour class that is scheduled on  May 14th for 1910.269 Safety.   You may register for that class as well as the 12 hour TTT version!

Used by many NFPA 70E committee members and over 900 trainers, our training provides you with a thorough knowledge of the dangers and recommended safe behaviors for those who work around electrical hazards.

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Working on or around 1 to 69kV industrial high voltage distribution systems requires qualification. In this training, attendees learn what it means to be HV qualified and what electrical tasks may only be performed by a qualified person.
5-11 to 5-12-15
6-1 to 6-2-15
e-Hazard's award winning (OH&S Magazine 2014 Best of Safety Award)  Train the Trainer  (TTT) program is perfect for companies with multiple shifts, a large workforce or multiple departments.

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5-11 to 5-14-15
6-1 to 6-4-15
9-14 to 9-17-15

This 16-hour course provides information regarding changes in the National Electrical Code (NEC) that impact electrical installations. It is organized around the practical aspects of electrical installation, compiling the most frequently referenced requirements, from entry level to advanced systems.

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6-11 to 6-12-15

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