Volume I| October 2019
A Message from Father Mike
Dear Carroll Community,

Welcome to the first issue of The Padre Post of the 2019-2020 school year. The Padre Post is a monthly publication of Carroll's Office of Campus Ministry. This is a tool to share with parents, alumni, and students how the Carroll community is truly Catholic, how we are involved in Christian service and how we are growing in our faith life!

This October, we celebrate 100 Kairos retreats! Carroll Kairos began in 1995 with former school minister, Father Redcay and the Mr. Bielli softball team. The Academy of Notre Dame in Villanova mentored Carroll on the Kairos experience and since then it has been a highlight of Senior year! In a few weeks we welcome seventy new retreatants and ten senior student leaders. We also have ten adult leaders, all current teachers with the return of Mrs. Barbara Benson. We are excited for our Kairos 100 reunion in December! 

Here are some recent Campus Ministry Highlights:
Father Mike Speziale
Director of Campus Ministry
Upcoming Events

Thursday, October 3- Respect Life Rally at O'Hara.

Tues. Oct. 8 & Tues. Oct. 22- Genesis in Carroll Chapel with PJ's wings afterwards.

Thursday, October 10– Reboot Catholic Night w/ National Catholic youth speaker, Chris Stefanick.

Sunday, October 13– 6ABC Taping of Sunday Mass at 2pm at 6ABC Studios, 4100 City Ave.

Tuesday, October 15– Friday, October 18 th  – Kairos 100 at Malvern Retreat House.

Tuesday, October 29– Memorial Mass at 9:15am w/ alumni in the Carroll auditorium.

Save the Date – Monday, December 30 th , 2019 – A 100 Kairos Reunion & Celebration from 5pm-9pm at Carroll! Any student or adult leader who ever went on Kairos is welcome! Night of prayer, food, and fun!

Every Thursday from 4:30-7pm , we will be going to Martha’s Market to help feed the homeless at St. Paul’s Church in Norristown. Meet at the ministry office at 4pm to head out.
Genesis is celebrating two years of Christian friendship and Eucharistic adoration!
Student Witnesses: John Lake ’20 & Alexa Tarasca ’20
"Genesis means the beginning, and for me it was the beginning of encountering a better relationship with God. Not only that, but the relief from stress and reality it allows those who go to have is why it’s continued for two years. “For where two or three are gathered together in my name I am within them”, so when we go to Genesis we’re not only supported by others but God, and we make up the Carroll Church. Going to Genesis knowing you have the support of everyone there can truly change someone’s day or even their life, and it should always be like that!"
"Imagine having that terrible day and being in a terrible mood all day. Then, imagine having one of those days and realizing there is a Genesis coming up or even that night. Genesis is that relief and that hope that you can talk to everyone about what is going on in your life without judgement. 2 years of Genesis has arrived, only because all of us in attendance. Genesis lives on because everyone keeps showing up for that sense of peace and relief away from their daily lives. The positivity spread in the chapel during Genesis is something everybody here and in the world needs to carry into their daily lives. Genesis means new beginnings and I think it means new beginnings for people so that they can flip their lives positively once they start going to Genesis."
Called to Serve:
St. Katherine School & Best Buddies
Join your Friends!
Best Buddies is a worldwide, nonprofit organization that has existed at Archbishop Carroll, the only Catholic high school in Pennsylvania that offers this opportunity.

It pairs and builds one-on-one friendships with St. Katherine Day School students with cognitive and intellectual disabilities with Archbishop Carroll students.

The friendships that are formed in Best Buddies are authentic and long-lasting. Jalen, a student at St. Katherine Day School, and Ciera, a student at Archbishop Carroll, consider themselves to be best friends.
Jalen, described as a “jokster” and “the kindest person you will ever meet” by Mrs. Faris, has been “hanging out with Ciera at lunch for years.” “I connected with him because he’s so funny. He’s always smiling,” said Ciera.  

And the Best Buddies program, where individuals with intellectual and cognitive disabilities create meaningful relationships with peers by going on monthly events as a group or one-on-one, has only strengthened their relationship.

"Best Buddies gives us an opportunity to interact with the Carroll students. Carroll students are young people just like us. They’re funny. They're interesting. Every year for Thanksgiving we have a party and stay after school and do a scavenger hunt and that’s a great memory and experience," said Jalen.

"I love that we get to get to interact with St. Katherine students and make a connection. A lot of people don’t have the opportunity to interact with people with disabilities and best buddies allows us to do this, and making a connection with them is a really special experience and you realize you’re not that different,” added Ciera.
Some of the activities of Best Buddies include bowling, watching movies, going to dances, playing games, going to mini golf, BBQs, etc.

If you are interested in joining Best Buddies, our second meeting is Wednesday, Oct. 9, 2019. We hope to see you there!
Opportunities to Support our Mission
Best Buddies Monthly Activity                          

Best Buddies Prom                                               

Steubenville Support sponsor a student                    
$250 per student

Kentucky Service Project                                   
Kairos Retreat Sponsor                                                     
$300 per student

Genesis Wing Night Dinner

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May our journey be a concern for others
A road of peace
A path of love