Non datur libertas sine veritate.
Vol. IV, No. 4
Archbishop Joseph Kurtz Announces Religious Freedom Week from June 22 - 29, 2018

(CNS photo/Paul Haring)
Religious freedom allows the space for people of faith to serve others in God's love in ministries like education, adoption and foster care, health care, and migration and refugee services.   
Bishops' point man on religious freedom wants to speak youth's language

Archbishop Kurtz spoke with  Crux  April 27 about his committee, anti-Christian persecution abroad, and the aims of Religious Freedom Week.   Check it out!

Jennifer Daniels from the USCCB Secretariat of Catholic Education talks about school choice and the public benefits of Catholic education   on Episode 15 of the First Freedom Podcast.   
The Middle
By Tyler Lomnitzer

The middle is a peculiar place. It's a position at an equal distance from the ends of something.  It's often a blending of opposites or a compromise of ideas.  The middle is also an important feature of our culture and politics.   Read more.
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