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Architect Registration Examination (ARE) Update
Prometric Announces
Continued Closures Through May 31
Due to ongoing concerns over safe delivery of examinations, Prometric has decided to keep all test centers in North America closed until May 31, 2020. NCARB is aware you may have already received this information from Prometric, and we apologize for any confusion that may have added to your stress during this already difficult time. We know delaying your testing progress is discouraging, and we are looking into options to allow more flexibility.
Prometric Closure and Reopening
  • Prometric is continuing to monitor the Coronavirus outbreak to determine when they will reopen test centers across the globe.

  • When Prometric reopens a center, it will operate at 50 percent capacity to maintain social distancing for those who are testing.

  • If a reopened test center is booked beyond the 50 percent capacity limit, Prometric will randomly select candidates to reschedule in order to ensure a safe testing environment.
We know you have questions, and we’re here to help. Next Thursday at 2 p.m. ET, we’ll be hosting a live webinar with our examination experts, where you can learn more about the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on the ARE. Be on the lookout for a link to the webinar, coming soon!
  • Prometric has begun canceling appointments.

  • Once canceled, your ability to reschedule this appointment will be delayed until Friday, May 1.

  • Your eligibility for the scheduled division will be reset, and NCARB will apply a seat credit to your account allowing you to reschedule this or any other future division at no cost.

  • We recommended you reschedule any appointments for fall or early winter to avoid further disruption.

  • All rescheduling fees have been waived until further notice.

  • You will not be able to reschedule an exam appointment until your eligibilities have been reset by NCARB. Purchasing an additional seat credit will not allow you to reschedule a canceled appointment sooner.
Take Control—Reschedule Now
Avoid the uncertainty of forced cancellation and rescheduling delays by acting now. Click  here  to log into your NCARB Record. Reschedule your appointment for a time in late-summer or early-fall to avoid further disruption.
If Your Appointment is Canceled by Prometric
If you do not reschedule on your own, your ability to log into your NCARB Record and reschedule this appointment will be delayed up to four weeks due to a backlog at Prometric.
NCARB will reset your exam eligibility for the canceled appointment after being notified by Prometric. NCARB will apply a seat credit to your account, allowing you to reschedule this or any other future division at no cost.
Plan to Test This Fall
Schedule future appointments for this fall or early winter to avoid future disruption.
NCARB has waived all rescheduling fees until further notice to allow you flexibility.
When Will Your Local Test Center Reopen?
The  Prometric's Test Center Closures List  provides an up-to-date list of all locations. Check the list to learn more about your local test center.

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