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Copy of our most recent Latest Stock Update
The acid green of spring's new growth laid over a pearl blue canvas is a welcome relief to the past months of twig on grey - we have though as always been busy with another successful outing at the Cotswold Art & Antique Dealers' Fair at Blenheim Palace, preceded by a trip in the snow to wave the Flag in New York at the Architectural Digest Show.
A mixed bag of latest stock this time, travelling from Medieval Europe to Modern British Sculpture via Japan and Italy... and of course there is our new puppy, Amber!

Gates - yes, I think it's gates to start and with a date circa 1240 for this stained-glass panel of Joachim and Anna (The Virgin Mary's Parents) at the Golden gate (Aurea Porta), I don't believe I have been so far back before. Though most likely re-assembled with later additions, this is a rare bird and so I give thanks to Dr Heather Gilderdale Scott who has provided a most thorough and helpful appraisal - please click through the image to read on... 

And on to Giusseppe Lund (Maker of the Queen Mother Gates Hyde Park) and his bronze garden gate which, though made thirty years ago, to me has a sculptural look of the 1950s. 
To Japan - bronze cranes here found as I scour the globe to bring you what could be a pair and a single, or three individual examples, of these elegant garden animalier.
To Italy and to Rome - The Faun (carved unusually in Rosso Antico - red marble) excavated in 1736 from Hadrian's Villa and now in the Capitoline Museum, provided yet another, though rarely seen, classical model for those Grand Tourists - here Chiurazzi follows, with a fine quality scaled down bronze, in the footsteps of the earlier 18th century casters; Righetti and Zoffoli. 

Chiurazzi again, though not this time signed, with another Faun, albeit of the dancing kind, discovered too much enthusiasm at Pompeii in 1830.  

And a weathered Italian stone sundial with armillary, which with its elegant strigil decoration (Strigil being the curved scraper used by the ancients after bathing) awaits its focal point maybe - only time will tell...
To be rustic for a moment, it is another peak of troughs, a rather useful set of steps and a thick set birdbath.

To be exclusive, here is a new style for our ever-popular copper planter collection - tall and circular this time.
And finally, to be both Modern and British - Michael Gillespie, bronze caster to Epstein and Frink, here though small in scale, opposed to his larger works that can be seen in Cambridge, his handling of his chosen subject 'Icarus Falling' is considered and concise and with 'Sunflower Girl' he adds a touch of humour.
John Skelton here with 'Dove in Flight' - a wonderfully Verdigris patinated bronze, which reminds me of the drawing by Picasso...

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Off now to Chelsea flower Show...

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