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A StreetWise Solution to Homelessness
Sustainable Adult Day Care Facility
A Fleeting Glimpse: MiniLook Kiev
Hurricane Recovery
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A StreetWise Solution to Homelessness
Providing affordable housing is a timeless challenge for which many architects attempt to develop solutions... ranging from ephemeral temporary shelters to more permanent buildings... Read More
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Renaissance Perspective
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re: Hurricane Recovery in LA

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Building Safety Evaluations
I am trained in ATC-45 Safety Evaluation of Buildings after Windstorms and Floods, as well as Property Condition Assessments & Improvement Recommendations.

On Labor Day as we salute US workers, I hope we might also remember the unemployed and underemployed, who may work with little reward and the risks of an uncertain future, as well as the elderly and homeless in our society.  Providing shelter, work, and programs for the latter groups will be the focus of this Newsletter of Stephen M. Long Architect, as I present my graduate thesis project, Louisiana hurricane recovery efforts, and a fleeting glimpse of life in Kiev, Ukraine...
Sustainable Adult Day Care Facility
I developed this Prototype in the Design-Build Masters Program, an extension of the Rural Studio at Auburn University.  Its design was drawn from historic vernacular architecture of the Southeast US, adapting their traditional climatic-adaptive strategies for natural light and ventilation, and coupling them with contemporary sustainability science to maximize the building's efficiency...  Read More
A Fleeting Glimpse: MiniLook Kiev
MiniLook Kiev
Tilt-shift photography provides a way to correct perspective effects in a picture by preventing the parallel lines from converging.  It can incidentally make an entire scene appear as if it is in miniature.  Here Videographer Okapi uses the technique to present a day in the life of Kiev, Ukraine, set to the sounds of May Flowers.  Click on the image above or Click here to see the video at (HD & full screen recommended).
Hurricane Recovery
Louisiana is cleaning up after a recent hurricane.  Here in Baton Rouge we are thankful to have endured relatively little destruction besides trees and traffic signals down.  Our best wishes and hopes are extended to those whose property may have been substantially damaged.  The services of Stephen M. Long Architect are available to anyone looking to rebuild.
Your interest and support is appreciated.  If you might know of anyone seeking an architect, please forward them these Viewpoints.  Thank you.
Stephen M Long 
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