October 2022

Architecture as Muse

Often the best ideas come from what surrounds you and that is why many artists use architecture as a source for inspiration. Architecture is something we experience every day whether or not we are aware of it. It might be the building we live in, or the structures where we work, or places we visit when we travel. Architecture is everywhere.

June Higgins, a VISA alumni who after finishing her Diploma of Fine Art, went to the UK to complete a BFA. For the last few years her work has centred around using projected fragments of architectural ornamentation to develop a multi-layered composition. The specific sources dissolve into a myriad of lines and patterns to create an allusive image that looks both recognizable and unfamiliar. The result is a beautifully complex surface. June's work is currently on exhibit at the Gage Gallery until Oct 26

Julie Mehretu, a New York artist of Ethiopian descent, uses tracings of architectural blueprints along with layers of maps and abstract mark making in her large scale paintings. The role of architectural sources in Mehretu's work takes on layered meanings as she often uses the structures of buildings such as stadiums as a base for her compositions. The coliseum is seen as a perfect metaphoric constructed space because its purpose is to situate large numbers of people, while also containing undercurrents of complete chaos, violence, and disorder.  As Mehretu said in 2006: “I think architecture reflects the machinations of politics, and that’s why I’m interested in it as a metaphor for those institutions. I don’t think of architectural language as just a metaphor about space. It’s about space, but about spaces of power, about the ideas of power.”

Kevin Appel has used references to architecture in his work from the start of his practice. In the early 2000s he began to make drawings and paintings that dealt with the inside and outside of architecture as well as the idea of construction from timber. Appel's relationship to architecture is discussed in detail in an essay called Painting as Architecture: Architecture as Painting. The source for the paintings are collaged drawings, however the paintings are acrylic on canvas (no collage). Using collage for the initial sources creates an ambiguity and uncertainty in the painted surface. 

Richard Wright's approach to architecture differs in that he makes "wall paintings" that are between painting and installation art. These paintings are often subtle to the point of becoming part of the architecture structures themselves such as the stairwell project in the Scotland National Gallery of Modern Art. They are often awkwardly placed in discreet locations and they combine graphic imagery and intricate patterning from sources as varied as medieval painting, graphics and typography.

Wright won 2009 Turner Prize for a wall painting done in gold leaf (see image). When the jurors were asked why they chose Wright’s piece, they kept referring to the word “beauty” and also the work’s relationship to the space itself.

The next time you enter your home or place of work, look around and take time to think about how it might inspire something in your imagination. Perhaps your rumination about these personal architectural spaces could one day be a source for subject matter in your own work.

Wendy Welch

Executive Director

June Higgins

Julie Mehretu

Kevin Appel

Richard Wright

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Fall 2022 Workshops

Our Fall Workshops are now open for registration!

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This workshop will explore three fibre techniques in connection to mapping. These include basic hand sewing skills, using thread to create structure on disolvable fabric, and using scissors to remove parts of a patterned fabric to make a new surface. Students will learn these techniques through the creation of samplers with contemporary fibre art maps used as an inspiration. At the end of this workshop, students will have learned to integrate fibre art techniques with concepts of mapping and will leave with three examples of work.

For more information and to register: Mapping with Thread

Linocut is a great way to try a very basic method of printmaking. In this workshop you will discover the necessary techniques to do one of the boldest forms of relief printing. You will learn how to print onto fabric using a lino-cutting tool and Lino Speedy Cut Plate to design your own printed textiles using inspiration from nature around us. The resulting projects could be used for pillows, bags, or artworks onto themselves.

For more information and to register: Linocut on Fabric

This workshop will introduce students to traditional pen & ink methods using a bowl-point drawing nib and a bamboo brush. The focus will be on making line drawings of flowers with pen and brush. Coloured chalk pastels will be used to create an atmospheric background and flowers that appear to glow. This is a great workshop for those new to pen and ink and who are curious about adding colour to ink drawings for added interest.

For more info and to register:

How to Draw Ink Flowers

This workshop will introduce rug hooking techniques as a way to make abstract or representational work. Instructor will demonstrate simple techniques using a range of materials from torn fabric to yarn, from start to finish. Students are invited to bring scrap fibre materials they have a connection to. Repurposed textile from the instructor’s own collection will be available as we connect material to idea in the workshop. Burlap and rug hooks will be provided.

For more information and to register: Rug Hooking

This workshop is inspired by the work of German Dada artist, Hannah Höch who was one of the originators of “photomontage” as an art form. The term “photomontage” implies recombining photographic elements to form an integrated new image. In this workshop, you will make collage figures made from a multitude of images and parts of images. These collage “modules” will to be overlaid on a separately constructed background. The workshop will cover various collage techniques, a discussion of how to select suitable subject matter, and a short presentation on Höch and her work.

For more info and to register:

Collage: The Composite Figure

A great way to develop your watercolour technique is to focus on simple design structures such as a grid. This workshop is inspired by the many artists who have made paintings based on the grid, including Paul Klee, Gunter Stolzl, Agnes Martin, Peter Halley and Stanley Whitney to name a few. Working with both ruler-drawn and free-hand approaches, the grid will be used as a way to develop a composition and to work with colour.

For more information and to register: Watercolour Grids


For more info: Watercolour Mondays
For more info:Draw by Drawing


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The Camosun College Visiting Artist Lecture series presents Everett Wong. His lecture is open to the public on Nov 8th Tuesday in Young 216, Lansdowne Campus. 

Everett Wong is an artist and maker with a specialty in textiles and sculpture. His predominate skill sets lie within the realms of knitting and garment design, print, painting, paper folding and soft sculpture. He is a BFA graduate from the University of Victoria in 2011.He majored in painting, costume design and screen-printing, culminating in a multimedia textile-based practice. He is also a recent graduate from the Royal College of Art in London U.K, with a Masters in Fashion Menswear - Knitwear design. He is currently based in the city of Victoria, British Columbia and is a guest instructor at the Vancouver Island School of Art.



Sunroop Kaur


October 20-November 11, 2022

For more information & gallery hours:

The Fifty Fifty Arts Collective


Ricky Long and Kyle Labinsky

It's a shame about Ray

October 29-November 13, 2022

Opening Reception: October 29, 1-5pm

For more information & gallery hours:

errant art space


Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas

November 5-18, 2022

Opening Reception: November 5, 1-3pm

For more information & gallery hours:

Madrona Gallery


Susan Purney Mark

The Industrial Shoreline

November 15-27, 2022

Opening Reception: November 16, 1-3pm

For more information & gallery hours:

The Gallery



June Higgins

Intricate Overlay

Continues to October 23, 2022

For more information & gallery hours:

Gage Gallery


Joshua Franklin

A Home Without Innocence

Continues to October 23, 2022

For more information & gallery hours:



Trish Schwart and Janet Brooks


Continues to October23, 2022

For more information & gallery hours:

errant art space


Richelle Osborne and David Smith

Wood, Copper & Steel

Continues to October 28, 2022

For more information & gallery hours:

Fortune Gallery


Group Exhibition

For Love, Loss & Land

Continues to October 29, 2022

For more information & gallery hours:


Ha'wilh Way'anis Joshua Watts

Gifts From The Ancestors

Continues to October 30, 2022

For more information & gallery hours:

Victoria Arts Council


Lesley Turner, Laura Feeleus and Elizabeth Carefoot

The Laundry Room: Airing our Linens

Continues to November 30, 2022

Artist Talk: October 23, 1:30-3:30

For more information & gallery hours:

Art Openings


Dave Skilling

The Cabin Series

Continues to December 13, 2023

At GVPL sxʷeŋxʷəŋ təŋəxʷ James Bay Branch

For more information & gallery hours:

Victoria Arts Council


Group Exhibition

Start Here

Continues to January 22, 2023

For more information & gallery hours:

Art Gallery of Greater Victoria



errant artSpace currently has a large studio for rent starting November 1st 2022. 

The studio is 260 sq.ft. easily large enough for two artists, bright with two large windows one east facing & one south facing with a view over the city. 

The cost is $725.00/month and includes wifi, heat/hydro, participation on errant webpage, liability insurance, on-site parking, and participation in all group shows. 

There is also a small kitchenette, bathroom, and access to a deck.

If interested please reply by email to [email protected]

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