LEEDv4 and Daylight
By: Todd Reed of Energy Opportunities (a 7group Company) 

7Group-Todd photoLEED v4 means looking at daylight in a different way.


The next version of LEED, LEEDv4*1, will have designers looking at daylight and the use of daylight simulations in a different way. There is a new simulation option which uses a new metric with more simulation requirements. The single point in time calculations will now require specific climate data to be used. The measurement option is still available, but requires two different sets of measurements spaced 6 months apart.  Measuring daylight levels in a finished building has always been an after the fact option. The biggest change in LEEDv4 is...read more.

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Conference & Expo and Design Awards

 By: Tammie Fitzpatrick, AIA



for Design Awards Submission-JULY 18, 2013!

The cost per entry is just $75.

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Save the date for Thursday, October 3, 2013!  

This year we are holding the Conference and Expo at Harrisburg University of Science and Technology in Harrisburg, Pa.  The Harrisburg University of Science and Technology was incorporated in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania on December 12, 2001, making it the first independent science and technology-focused, non-profit, university to be established in Pennsylvania in more than 100 years. Harrisburg University was created to address the Capital Region's need for increased educational opportunities in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) careers, and it represents a major step to attract, educate, and retain Pennsylvania's diverse 21st century knowledge-based workforce. It is the only STEM-focused comprehensive university located between Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, PA.


The day will begin with a building tour of the University, led by Alex Wing of Burt Hill and will then continue with several exciting CEU seminars and a Vendor Expo.  Around 4pm we will begin the evening portion of our event with a keynote speaker.


Heavy hors d' oeuvres and cocktail hour will follow as we have an opportunity to browse the 2013 Design Awards submissions before the winners are announced. 


The deadline is fast approaching so please don't forget to submit your best projects to be recognized for your outstanding work in advancing Architecture in Central PA.  Submissions are due July 18, 2013.  The cost per entry is $75.  Winners will be announced and all work celebrated at the Design Awards Celebration at 6:00pm on Thursday, October 3, 2013 at Harrisburg University of Science and Technology, 326 Market Street, Harrisburg, PA 17101. 


For more information, to download forms, or to register for the Conference and Expo or the Design Awards Event, go to www.aiacentralpa.org or email aiacpc@aiacentralpa.org.  Tickets to the whole day Event may be purchased for $30 each.



Thank you to our event underwriter...

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Scholarship Fund Raiser

By Seth H. Wentz


One of the most important contributions we, as architects, can make for our profession is to encourage young talent and provide them with as many positive opportunities as possible.  Several years ago the AIA Central Pennsylvania Chapter reached its initial fund raising goal for the Central PA Architect's Foundation and, as a result, in 2011 was able to award a scholarship to its first ever recipient, Elizabeth McIlnay.  Last fall, the second scholarship was awarded  to Nicole Deitrich.  During the 2012 Design Awards both Elizabeth and Nicole spoke briefly about what receiving the scholarship meant to them and how the scholarships are helping each of them pursue their goal of graduating architecture school.


In an effort to raise additional funds for the Foundation a fund raiser was held during the Architect's Expo and continued into the Design Awards Program.  Because of the generosity of the members attending that day the fund raiser was able to rally $790 with an additional $100 being contributed from LSC Design to match an employee's contribution.  The $890 raised allows the Foundation to award better scholarships in the future that will have a greater impact on the recipients.  The AIA Central Pennsylvania Chapter sincerely thanks all of those who contributed in 2012. 


For 2013, we have set a goal of raising $2,000 throughout the year.  As an attendee of the local events you can expect to hear more about this fund raiser during the programs including updates on the goal, and on the past recipients.  Updates will also be included in the quarterly newsletters.  It is important that the chapter's members continue to help grow the Foundation.  The general concept is that the fund becomes large enough that it becomes self-sustaining, having the ability to positively impact the future of and next generation of architectural professionals.  The Foundation is a 501 C3, therefore all donations are tax deductible.  Donations will be accepted in person during chapter events throughout the year, or can be made online. You can also mail a check, made payable to TFEC, to the chapter office at:

240 North Third Street

12th Floor

Harrisburg, PA 17101  


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20% Discount from IslandPress

By: Meghan Bartels of Island Press


You may have seen the piece on rethinking suburbs in a recent issue of Architect. The article draws heavily on a new book, Designing Suburban Futures: New Models From Build a Better Burb, written by June Williamson, who previously co-authored Retrofitting Suburbia.


In the book, she argues that although suburbs have become the site of distressed neighborhoods, empty strip malls, and excess parking lots, they can be reborn into centers of innovation and resilience. Williamson begins by offering a history of suburban development framing the social, economic, and environmental problems American suburban planning has caused. She then details some of the innovative ideas from the Build a Better Burb design competition that show how to turn today's floundering suburbs into thriving communities. The book features ideas such as:

  • Turning off-hours school buses into a freight and passenger transit system.
  • Valuing planted land as a carbon sequestration system rather than an expensive landscaping program
  • Densifying office space and converting empty office parks into farmland.

We'd like to offer you a special discount on the book for AIA members: just enter 4AIA on checkout at the Island Press website to save 20% on the paperback and hardcover alike. The book is also available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Powell's, and other retailers. 

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By: Chris Dawson, AIA


Our 2013 AIA Central Pennsylvania Lecture Series kicked off on Thursday, May 16th at the Agricultural & Industrial Museum in York. Michel Rojkind presented the work of his firm Rojkind Arquitectos, in a lecture titled "Overstimulation."


5.16.13 lecture 1
Michel Rojkind getting ready to present.


Michel came to us by way of a strong recommendation by Winka Dubbledam who spoke to AIA Central Pennsylvania in 2011. Rojkind Arquitectos has been receiving significant media coverage recently for its work and Michel was excited to receive a call, the day he arrived in Harrisburg, that he had won a competition for a large project in Mexico City with Bjarke Ingels of BIG. 


Michel's work strikes a wide range of cords for me ranging from being provocative to simultaneously thoroughly resolved, driven by function but strikingly beautiful, and surprising in its ability to span all scales. His presentation was broken into three chapters: 1) wonderful world of chaos; 2) selection: selective sampling; and 3) adaptation: accepting instability. In many ways, his presentation challenged what it means
to practice architecture in today's hyperactive world. Via these themes he presented the work of his firm and suggested that buildings must give something
 back; architects should help define their clients' programs and the worst crisis is when we stop thinking.

5.16.13 lecture 2
Michel taking questions from members.


Our Fall Lecture will be held on Thursday, November 14 at the Armstrong Campus in Lancaster.  The presenter will be Florian Idenburg of So-iL, a Brooklyn, New York firm that was recently the focus of an article on ArchDaily.  More information will be available on the website soon.



Our Lecture Series is not possible without the support of our sponsors:


Armstrong World Industries        Centria

Chris Dawson Architect              The Engineering Society of York

Fessenden Hall of P                   Keith Bush Associates

Kinsley Construction                  LSC Design

Modernfold of Reading                Murphy & Dittenhafer Architects

Phillips Office Solutions              RLPS Architects

Tippetts Weaver Architects         Whitney Baily Cox & Magnani


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Lessons Learned by the

Yeoman Architect

By: James Mehaffey, AIA


Technology changes rapidly, such that this true life anecdote will not resonate with architectural interns of today.  I don't remember the last time I received a fax, but still won't let this person live down this incident.yeoman image


Once while working as a summer student in the firm I work for now, another intern was asked by a partner to take a large traced drawing on mylar and fax it to a consultant.  The intern looked a little puzzled, so the he was told, "cut it into 8 � inch strips".


The intern dutifully cut the mylar into strips, faxed it and returned the drawing mended with strips of Scotch Tape.  Confused, the partner asked what happened to the drawings.  The intern responded that he had to, in order to get the sheet through the fax machine.  When asked why he didn't make a copy to cut up and fax it, the intern responded, "I don't know, you didn't ask me to".


I am not sure how this task could even be flubbed today, but I am sure some intern will figure that out.


Read more of my observations at yeomanarchitect.blogspot.com.


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Obituary of Cyclorama Building at Gettysburg, 1962-2013

By: Scott Butcher 


After a long battle that pitted preservationists against the National Park Service, the Cyclorama Building at Gettysburg was demolished in March 2013.  Considered by many to be a masterpiece of modernist architect Richard Neutra, the building was part of the National Park Service's Mission 66 program, an initiative to expand visitors to NPS properties by 1966.  Design for the building began in 1958 and construction by the Orndorff Construction Company, Inc. was completed four years later.  The total building cost was $68,349.


From 1962 until 2005, the building housed the famous Battle of Gettysburg Cyclorama by French artist Paul Philippoteaux, who completed his massive depiction of Pickett's Charge in 1883. 


The demolition was completed to realize the National Park Service's plans to return Ziegler's Grove, where the building was located, to its appearance of 1863, when the battle was fought.  Prior to the demolition of the Cyclorama Building, the adjacent former Visitors Center for Gettysburg National Military Park was also demolished.  That building, originally known as the Rosensteel Museum, opened in 1921 and transferred to the National Park Service in 1971.  Demolition of that building was completed in 2009. 


To learn more about the Cyclorama Building, including photographs and drawings, visit the Mission 66 websiteFor more about Richard Neutra, click here


To learn more about the Gettysburg Cyclorama painting and the building which how houses it (known as the Gettysburg National Park Museum and Visitors Center), visit the Gettysburg Foundation website.  

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Summer 2013
LEEDv4 and Daylight
Conference & Expo and Design Awards
Scholarship Fund Raiser
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Yeoman Architect
Cyclorama Building



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