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May 25, 2021

Dear Families,

One of the great joys and privileges that come with the closing of the school year is the celebration of the beautiful art and music that our scholars so wholeheartedly prepare for our enjoyment and their own edification. Though the limitations of this unique year have prevented us from being able to partake of live music or a full art walk, we are thankful to be able to offer you a glimpse of the beautiful work out scholars have put together this year.

Under the guidance of our talented and caring fine arts teachers, the obstacles of this year did not encumber our students ability to learn about, and even create, beautiful works of music and visual art. You will find several presentations attached to the rest of this email.

First, the Virtual Art Walk gives you an opportunity to see out young scholars hone their artistic craft through a variety of media and different objects of study. Thank you Mr. Cavaletto and Ms. Jaha for your wonderful work in teaching our students that every single one of our students can create something beautiful if they are willing to practice and dedicate themselves!

Second, our Virtual Music Concert allows you to once again hear the Athenians come together in one voice! It is easy to take for granted one of life’s most precious gifts – the sound of children singing. The absence of this for so much of the year has been a great reminder of the value of this most simple, and yet transcendent, of joys. Thank you to Mr. Braase and Ms. Satuho for teaching these beautiful songs to our scholars.

Last, but not least, you can finally take a stroll through our Virtual Wax Museum in the third video! This long-awaited presentation was made possible by our whole community – parents, students, and teachers alike.

I hope these are an encouragement and delight to you at the end of this long journey. May they be a reminder to us all that Beauty continues to reign and persevere, even in the midst of difficult times.

A special thank you to Mr. Cavaletto, Ms. Jaha, and Mrs. McDonald for their work in preparing all of the attached media. Thank you again, parents, for entrusting your children to the care of our teachers this year!

With Devotion,

Stephen Philabaum
Archway Trivium East
2021 Virtual Art Walk - "Best in Show"
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