We are pleased to bring you Ardmore's first quarterly newsletter! Our goal is to share brief stories  of our Ardmore Community. Whether you are a friend, colleague, employee, individual served or a donor - we hope you'll celebrate our successes and share in our struggles as we strive to live this life in Community.

Warm Regards,
Yvette Diaz
Executive Director

A true North Hill Booster!!
Whether you know him as Mark or Marky or Mr. North -
he's North Hill's greatest fan!
A voice rings out in the North High School gym inviting fans to sing the National Anthem and cheering on the team.  It doesn't belong to a teacher or coach, a parent or a sports booster.  The voice belongs to Mark Borkowski, North Hill resident and example of what it means to be a good neighbor.

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Circle K and  Ardmore
 working together to create successful jobs in Akron
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Kelsey Dias and Franklin MacDonald are two employees currently working in Circle K's distribution warehouse and bakery, who are loving their jobs and positive work environment.  Lori Sopko, Ardmore Job Coach, has worked with  Chris Stemm, General Manager of Circle K Bakery and Distribution Center, to ensure Kelsey and Franklin  are successful in their positions.  What does Chris think of his new employees and Ardmore's vocational supports? 
John C. Thomas Retires
John C. Thomas, retired
after 35  years at Ardmore!
It will be hard to imagine the Community Services Department without John.  His loyal dedication and unwavering commitment to Ardmore's mission was indispensable.  John is looking forward to playing and writing music, frequenting used book stores and not knowing what day it is! 
We are proud of the longevity of the Ardmore staff and know the consistency and high quality of services they provide make a difference in the lives of the people we serve.
  Out of 183 employees and contract providers,
Ardmore has 32 employees/providers who have been here 10-19 years; 15 that have been here 20-29 years and 3 that have been here for over 30 years!

Best of luck, John.  We will miss you!

Please join us as we celebrate 40 years