Volume 47 | February 2022 Newsletter
The Utah Taxpayer - February 2022
Legislature Kicks off 2022 Session, Tax Cuts Already Halfway Across the Finish Line, but is it Too Fast?
The 2022 General Session began just a few weeks ago, and we’ve been working with legislators, our members, and the public to identify tax issues that need to be addressed.

It’s impossible to guess what will happen over these 45 days, but the Association knows, as always, its legislative priorities will make positive changes to Utah and its taxpayers. Here are some of the policy changes we’ve been working on.

Cannon's Canon: Legislature Can Be Prudent And Still Deliver Meaningful Tax Relief for Taxpayers
Through the past 8-10 months Utah’s tax collections have continued to surprise on the upside.

The last stimulus sent to individuals was almost a year ago at this point, yet sales tax revenue and income tax revenue is still clocking in at eye-popping levels.

As the shackles of the COVID pandemic continue to fall away and society is allowed to resume normal life, Utah’s robust economy will continue to produce growth in state tax revenues.

Tax Commission Commends Taxpayers Association on its Centennial Anniversary
As the Utah Taxpayers Association celebrates its 100 year anniversary, we will be highlighting various milestones and achievements from the association. The Utah State Tax Commission presented the Association with a letter commemorating the centennial celebration.

Utah shouldn’t allow its neighbors to outcompete it on tax cuts
In an op-ed published earlier in January, Association President Rusty Cannon and Jared Walczak, Vice President of State Projects at the Tax Foundation in Washington, D.C., wrote that Utah needs to take action to not fall behind other states that are reducing their citizens' tax burden.

The op-ed was published in the Salt Lake Tribune on January 13, 2022.

Association Accomplishments in January
  • Promoted Utah's Truth-in-Taxation law at the Idaho Property Tax Summit
  • Held the successful 2022 Legislative Outlook Conference
  • Presented and advocated on behalf of legislation at multiple legislative committee hearings
  • Met with legislators promoting sound tax policy and Association legislative priorities

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