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Are Our Names STILL Written in The Book of Life?

This may have been one of most difficult years, if not the most difficult year, that we have shared as Sisters in Christ in many of our lives!

Yes. We have all lost loved ones before. Most of us have lost jobs before. Many of us have had serious health issues before. Sadly, many of us have had children who have not followed in the paths of The Lord. Some of our sisters have difficult marriages and seemingly insurmountable family problems. Some have experienced painful divorces. However, in my memory, Christian sisters have always shared these experiences, cried together, looked into God's Word together and comforted one another. We "trusted and obeyed" together.

Unfortunately, because we find ourselves in the middle of a pandemic, in a culture with clashing ideologies, and in "the world" which Satan loves to divide and destroy, we might find ourselves at odds even with our sisters in Christ.

In Philippians 4, we have an example of two sisters in Christ who were in danger of losing their souls after having been fellow workers and laborers in the Gospel with Paul and the New Testament church. We are told at that time that Euodia and Syntyche did have their names written in the Book of Life.

However, these sisters needed to be reminded that that they were to be "of the same mind in The Lord." That didn't mean that they had to like the same house, wear the same clothes, eat the same food, raise their children exactly the same way or work or not work outside of the home. Many of their personal choices were just that; personal choices.

As Christian women, we are allowed to make many personal choices daily. Many of those choices are not directed precisely by the Word of God. God made us different and that is a good thing! We are each fearfully and wonderfully made and here in this place and time "For such a time as this!"

We all know that truth is very hard to find today in the media. Nations have used propaganda for their purposes throughout History and ours is no exception. However, as sisters in Christ there is one thing that we CAN KNOW is truth . . . and that is God's Word! That is what we are to agree on in order to KEEP our names written in the Book of Life!

All of us come from different backgrounds, have seen the world through different lenses, and as women, we all know we can be opinionated! However, in the final analysis, our opinions won't matter on the day of judgment.

In Galatians, Chapter 2, Paul pointed out that Peter was being hypocritical. In Chapter15, we learn there was much "contention" about taking John Mark back to visit the cities in which Paul had already preached. Paul was adamant about not taking him. However, 25 years later, Paul requests that John Mark be brought to him "for he is useful to me for ministry."

My point is this: We need each other. We need to stay strong in The Lord, in His Doctrine and in love for Him and each other! We need to show grace to one another and pray for one another.

No. We will not always think the same on matters of opinion. But we must all be "of the same mind "in The Lord."

If we fail at this, my dear sisters we may have our names blotted out of The Book of Life!

Love in Our Lord,


**As a side note, sisters, we need to be so very thankful today that we are not in Afghanistan. The first female mayor in Afghanistan said on Monday that she is just waiting with her family for the Taliban to come and kill her. She has nowhere to go and they have threatened her many times.

We need to be praying daily for those who follow Christ there and in other parts of the world. Their lives are going to become very difficult and often tragic. Our sisters there will suffer greatly. Now they will probably never have anything like the choices and freedom that we have here in America in their lifetimes. The presence of the United States in that Country had given them some hope of a brighter future in this world. Sadly, that hope is gone for the time being.

Sister Barbara McKee, from Flint, MI, sent this wonderful three lesson Bible Study for us to consider and share with others. It is in a very nice booklet form and can be given to someone to study on their own or it can be used by us in personally studying with others.

She commented that the study has been very fruitful with numerous baptisms resulting from it. She adds, "To God Be the Glory!"

You may request the Bible study booklet from Sister McKee at:

Barbara McKee
2486 Hutchinson Lane
Flint, MI, 48507.

Or you may contact the congregation there:
The Bristol Road Church of Christ
1315 W. Bristol Road, Flint, MI, 48507

In these uncertain times, so many are seeking refuge.
Let's help the find it in Christ with this first step of becoming a Christian!

I hope you will call and order several copies and have them available to study and share with friends!

This is a delightful little book I have found from a new company called BRAVE BOOKS. They are writing books addressing cultural issues for children.

This book is about Kevin the elephant who loves to sing! He thinks he should be a bird.

Culture the Vulture tries to convince Kevin that he can be a bird if he wants.

Needless to say, it doesn't work out well for a baby elephant to try living as as a bird!

The book is well written and illustrated. There will be others to come. You may visit www.BRAVE.us to learn more.


It's a Child, Not a Choice!

"For they have committed adultery, and blood is on their hands. They have committed adultery with their idols, and even sacrificed their sons whom they bore to Me, passing them through the fire, to devour them.

Ezekiel 23:37

Sisters, I have looked through many abortion photos this morning to share with you, but so many of them were so horrible that I could not share them and ended up in tears.

You see, the Old Testament talks many times about the abomination of making the first born children walk through fire in worship to idols, however, we have aborted millions of unborn babies in worship to the 'god' of this culture and our own selfishness.

How will our nation be judged?

How will we be judged if we remain silent?

For Him,


DAUGHTERS OF THE KING WORKSHOP in July was a tremendous success!

Thirty two of us spent the week studying God's Word together! We had ten outstanding women Bible teachers to teach and enrich the lives of these young ladies. I am sure they went home stronger in The Lord than ever! Each young lady presented a Bible lesson for the group. They were outstanding!

Next year's workshop is slated for July 18-21, 2022. Please be thinking of some spiritually minded young ladies who might benefit from this week of concentrated Bible study . . . with a little fun and fellowship thrown in!


This is the first book in a series of four books in the new Apologetics Press "Defending" series for young people.

This first book, "Defending God" is an excellent resource to help fortify the faith of our young people. It has the added feature of scan QR's which can be used to access videos for many of the lessons. I am sure they will enjoy that!

Find out more information and how to order here:

2021 Speaking Schedule

August 22-23    PTP Spark, Huntsville, AL
August 28          Robertson’s Fork, Marshall County
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