Are Technology Troubles
Haunting Your Team?
This may be the season for all things spooky, but enterprise technology issues should not haunt your day-to-day. This mischief often appears in spatial data that does not line up,
Big Data that your team needs to make sense of, software that could use
custom touches, and more.

Our team at Integrated Informatics Inc has tips and tricks (even treats!) that can help.
Find out more below.

Services & Solutions
Integrated Informatics Inc works within and alongside organizations to advise on and develop strategies for Enterprise implementations. Our team is able to help clients with system and solution design and development, workflow automation, Knowledge Management, and much more. Discover the Services and Solutions we can offer your team today.
The Advantages
(and Disadvantages) of
Custom Development
With tasks and workflows that are integral to everyday business becoming more complex and specialized, off-the-shelf software is not always enough to help employees get things done. This is where services like custom, or targeted, software development comes into play. How can this help your business? Let's explore!
Effectively Managing Pipeline Regulatory Requirements with
GIS Technology
Over the years, regulations and rules that govern the pipeline industry have become increasingly rigorous. Within both the Oil and Gas and Emergency Response sectors, these can be better managed with the help of Geographic Information System (GIS) applications and technology. Discover more in this 6-part series on our website.
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