November 2013 


Some would argue that in the era of social media, thank-you letters have become obsolete.  I believe different.  I was raised to always hand write a thank-you note and I have since passed this belief along to my two children!  Both my daughter and my son hate when I say "time to write your thank-you notes for all these Christmas gifts" - but over the course of the next few years, they will come to realize as I have, that in this day and age of emails, e-cards and text messages, just that simple gesture means so much.

Top 5 Reasons Writing a Thank-You Note is Important!


Just as I believe thank-you cards are important in your personal life, they are   also important in business.  They can be sent after a sale, after meeting someone new or to a prospect as an introduction to you and your business.  Below, find my top 5 reasons writing a thank-you note is important:

  1. They are a lovely gesture.  People don't expect it and it helps them remember you for future requirements.
  2. It shows appreciation for the business.  I remember how I felt when I received a hand written note from the Sales Rep at our local car dealership.  It separated him from others and has led me to refer him to my friends and family!
  3. Now a days, we receive so much "junk" mail, that when we receive a hand written note, we are more apt to read it!  A hand written note is a sure way to get your message and branding across because you are more likely to have the recipient read it.
  4. You can personalize your cards, perhaps with your logo on the front.  Another form of advertising!
  5. Sending a thank-you note is a good time to add a business card, magnet or other branded item along with it.  By sending something branded with a hand written card, you can be sure the recipient will at least open the letter which we all know is half the battle!  Any chance you have to market your brand with a client is another chance for new or repeat business!

White Glove Virtual Assistant can help you with your client thank-you letters by having us write them for you!  You provide the client info and we will provide the rest - cards, envelopes, stamps and the valuable message you want to get across.  We can help with cards for special events, such as holiday and client birthdays, or on an ongoing basis for your regular business needs! 

White Glove Virtual Assistant is also much more than thank-you cards.  Perhaps you require someone to follow-up with clients?  Maybe check-in with a customer to see if they were satisfied with something you recently sold them or to see if they have any projects you can help them with?  Maybe you are looking to book your next company retreat and need help with logistics and agenda creation?  At White Glove Virtual Assistant, we specialize in becoming an extension of your team and work to make the process seamless without the commitment associated with hiring full time employees.  No project is too big or too small.  Contact us to see how we can help your business! 

100 Women Who Care Uxbridge

White Glove Virtual Assistant is proud to be a supporter of 100 Women Who Care Uxbridge.  They are a group of 100 women in Uxbridge who care about local community causes and who are committed to community service.  They gather for just one hour every three months and at each meeting jointly select a local charity or not-for-profit organization and write a $100 cheque (per person/team) to the selected organization.  That is $10,000 every three months to a local charity.  A powerful way for a group of women to make an impact!  Their first meeting is Monday November 25th, 7pm at Wooden Sticks.  For more information on this amazing new group, please visit

Please feel free to contact me to discuss your "White Glove Virtual Assistant" requirements.  We are happy to provide daily, weekly or monthly assistance.  We are very flexible - contact us today!

Andrea M. Scowcroft

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