Wednesday May 2, 2018
Best College Speech By Jewel Gilbert
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  Are The Articles of the Constitution Working?

"While the Declaration of Independence and Preamble of the Constitution give us the soul of our government, the soul of our nation, and the context through which to understand it, it is actually in some less quoted areas that we find the system with which to implement these truths.
So, speaking of that system, is it still working?
There is a loaded question!" Click here to read Jewel's speech. 

Jewel Gilbert
Jewel Thanks You! 

Jewel Gilbert, 23, Best College Speech Winner, is from Easton, Pennsylvania and a Junior at Muhlenberg College. Constituting America has left an indelible mark on his life and he has credited it with providing great inspiration and growth

Besides being a full time student and wide receiver for the 'Mules football team Jewel is a founding director of Sing For America: The Art Of Truth And LightSFA is a concert group, theater company, and art education provider. SFA believes that art with a purpose is art with power.   Jewel states that through Sing With America, "We wish to show through incredible stories the beauty, love, pain, and truth in our world." Since 2005 SFA has sung at 1,200 events and produced 19 musicals.  Proceeds from SFA concerts and musicals benefit families of active serving military and veterans. "Through donations we have been able to donate over $50,000 to help military families in need by paying rent, heating bills, food, whatever they may need. . Jewel would like to thank those who work hard to make Constituting America possible
"It [the Constitution] is something that fires me up so I almost have trouble understanding how it wouldn't do the same to others," Jewel Gilbert
What Inspired Your Work?   A lot of reading, really and passion to find the truth of what I was going to say. It was a difficult and deep prompt. One that I didn't really know the answer before I started so I wasn't pointed towards the end point but instead allowed the facts to lead me somewhere.
How do you plan to spread the word this year to your peers about the importance of the U.S. Constitution?    Hopefully some way interesting! It is something that fires me up so I almost have trouble understanding how it wouldn't do the same to others. I think by realizing myself how it is affecting everyday life so it really is presented as part of 'pop' culture in my own thinking and speaking. So on whatever platform social media, classroom, or conversation is a greater part of the conversation. Even if that means I'm bringing it up.

"anyone reading this has been born into a life that %99.999999999 would give everything for and most could not even imagine.....and it is ALL because of the U.S. Constitution," Jewel Gilbert
Favorite Founding Fat her? 
Hard question because I am so amazed of how their individual  gifts came together into their collective genius, but mainstream I may have to go with Thomas Jefferson.

Greatest Role Model?  My dad...I have always watched him in awe and wanted to be a man he can be proud of.

Which American historical figure is most influential/inspirational to you?   I visited Birmingham Alabama and it changed my life. Walking those streets I felt something I can't explain, there were heroes who walked those streets who believed in the American dream and struggled for their children to be able to live it in the open in the light of day. Martin Luther King Jr. is a symbol of a movement that I wish more people understood and I have to say he has influenced my life greatly

Most Passionate About?    My faith, It has guided me in everything and I don't know where I would be without knowing Jesus and looking to His life everyday for direction.

What Are Your Plans For The Future?  To grow Sing For America and open our very own Theater Cafe!

If You Could Do One Super Impactful Thing To Help People, What Would It Be?   Man......educate everyone enough to grow a little piece of gratitude because if you look for the good you will find it.

Why Is The Constitution Relevant Today?  
This question has spurred short books from me but in one statement.....because anyone reading this has been born into a life that %99.999999999 would give everything for and most could not even imagine.....and it is ALL because of the U.S. Constitution.

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