Are Vaccinated People Infecting Others With

a Bio-Weapon?


Depopulation in Our Face


By Syndicated Columnist Cathy Harris

This article is responding to the videos:

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Who Are the Millions Against

Medical Mandates?


Who Am I


My name is Cathy Harris at and I am the author of 6 health books and at least 20 other non-fiction books at I am also a Natural and Holistic Healer and a GMO Educator.


I have been studying depopulation since I blew the whistle on my job, the federal government, U.S. Customs Service in 1998 (

I learned years ago that the government can and will turn on the people and I believe this is what we are witnessing at this time. I believe if we don’t actively take some of the control into our own hands -- then we will certainly be doomed.


Therefore, I have created the group "Health Healers Unite" at Our main goal is to unite “Health Healers” from around the world and encourage them to go online or get into their communities and start healing people.

We will be holding Zoom presentations to bring these healers together and those needing help are invited to be a part of this platform.


Remember the Spanish Flu


What is happening now is certainly depopulation in our faces. I am not a Historian, but we have all -- or our ancestors have been here before.

During the Spanish Flu era, most people died from wearing a mask, when they contacted 'Bacterial Pneumonia' from lack of oxygen and from the vaccinations -- rather than the flu itself.


Most of you would know this if you turned off the TV and start conducting your own research. Information is out there. Despite what you might think. It is not hiding under a rock.


What the TV is telling everyone is in order to be able to get back to normalcy in the future (to remove masks and open completely back up), we need to create ‘Herd Immunity' in our communities, which means at least 80% of people need to take the vaccinations that are out right now.

This is what the TV is saying to people and this is why many people are literally walking to their graves as we speak.


Is the Latest Corona/COVID

Vaccinations a “Bio-Weapon”?


Are you still listening to doctors versus getting entrenched in Holistic and Natural Communities? I am writing this article because of a discussion I witnessed online between a panelist of doctors discussing whether the latest Vaccination (aka “Injection) was a Bio-Weapon or not and the same response from a Natural and Holistic Healer, Mike Adams, who calls himself “The Health Ranger.”


To tell someone they might have a bio-weapon in them has to be one of the scariest things but these doctors are saying this at this time. These doctors are calling the vaccination some type of bio-weapon.


The doctors even though they clearly stated the issue, which is the Vaccination (aka “Injection”) was not a ‘Normal Shot,’ but was some type of bio-weapon, however, none of these supposedly Medical experts had any viable ACTION PLANS for anyone. However, many had books that they were trying to sell.


I listened to the 90-minute presentation and even in their summations, they had no real action plans for people to take if they have taken the vaccinations or if they are experiencing a negative impact from being around those that have taken the vaccination.


Side Effects of the Vaccinations - Shedding?


Just understand up-front that there are different vaccinations out there so many of these can just be a placebo, which might not contain anything harmful at all, but many people won’t know this until their bodies react to the vaccinations.


According to the doctors, thousands of women and men have spoken out against side effects from the vaccinations. What everyone is finding out is that if you have been around people who have taken a Corona/COVID Vaccination (aka “Injection), then many are reacting negatively simply by being around these people.


Many, especially women, are suffering from a condition called “Shedding”, where women are experiencing infertility, long periods, miscarriages, breast milk drying up and other womb conditions.

Others are coming down with internal bleeding and forming blood clots in different body parts of the body -- even the brain. Children and adults are suffering from nose bleeds.


Individuals who were healthy before the vaccination is clearly suffering from the aftermath of taking this shot.

Many passed away within one or two days – others in a week or two and others are speaking out on negative reactions they are still suffering from -- days later.


I even heard other supposedly experts say that in 4 months to 14 months, or sooner or later, those who have taken the shots are supposed to suffer from some type of internal explosion within their bodies.


This should make any reasonable human being stop and take notice and not get the vaccination, even if it means losing your job or retirement. Why would you knowingly allow anyone to inject a foreign object into your body?


A Panelist Pediatrician Response


The male pediatrician on the panelist even wanted to round up or corral everyone who has had the “Vaccination” (or “Injection”) and treat them like a leper. This is exactly what the vaccinated want to do to the unvaccinated. defines a leper as a person who has been rejected or ostracized for unacceptable behavior, opinions, character, or the like; anathema; outcast.


Are you seriously ready to say goodbye to family members, friends, neighbors, and colleagues because they were so naïve and uninformed and went out and took these Vaccinations (aka “Injections”)?


Does this mean we should say goodbye to our family members, friends, neighbors, and colleagues forever or just until some supposedly medical expert says it is safe to be around them again?

This is uncharted territory here and not even these ‘board-certified’ medical doctors could lay out an action plan for people.

Rise of Autism


You have to love children to be a pediatrician – right? Maybe not. Like teaching, many people went into teaching after their jobs were abolished in Corporate America. Many of these teachers hate children and they need to be weeded out.


Pediatricians are some of the worse doctors because 80% of their salaries come from giving vaccinations to children.

This is why they convince overworked and/or single mothers to allow them to give all these vaccinations at one time – so they don’t have to take time to come back into their offices.


This practice can certainly and have caused Autism to show up in children. Autism comes from three (3) different practices, but many people especially mothers are still in denial and won’t take precautions to prevent it.


Autism comes from:

1) Vaccinations especially back-to-back vaccinations such as the MMR.

2) Pregnant mothers refusing to eat good, clean, organic foods.

3) Families feeding their children, which are the most vulnerable group to GMOs, GMOs...processed foods (which is a neurotoxin that turns off the brain).


To learn more about Autism, watch the 2016 documentary “Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe” - and check out the facebook group “Black Autism Moms (BAM),


Mandatory Vaccinations


The vaccinations are not mandatory yet, however, many jobs are still choosing to make it mandatory for their employees. In many cases just to satisfy the public – to make them feel safe when they must interact with their companies. But this is very, very reckless.


The managers and supervisors on jobs are hearing this from higher-ups and their bosses so this should tell you the vaccinations were implemented because of depopulation.


I bet you that many of these higher-ups did not take it because they knew up-front it was some type of ‘bio-weapon’, but they probably were forced to go along with the program – making it mandatory on their jobs.


These are the jobs that should be put on a list and boycotted until they go out of business – simply for causing this type of mental and physical destruction to their employees.


Pre-Existing Conditions and Heavy Menstrual Cycles Brought On by GMOs


Since the March 2020 shut-down, many families have been consuming nothing but processed foods with no nutritional value (which are GMOs) -- foods that have been altered and foods you buy in a package, can, jar, or some type of other container.


If the human body is not consuming foods with nutrition – surely you can see you will come down with sickness. Therefore, right about now -- many will be suffering from the long-term effects of eating GMOs, which can cause infertility, impotence, miscarriages, long menstrual periods, etc.


I know women who almost bleed to death from their menstrual cycles -- simply because they were consuming a GMO/Processed food diet. Once they changed their diets to a more natural diet -- then the heavy bleeding went away, and their periods became regular again.


Many times, doctors have to put these women on birth control pills to regulate their menstrual cycles, however, they can take care of their own menstrual cycles by living a more natural lifestyle.


Others have dealt with heavy bleeding and passing clots from just working in a stressful workplace or being in a stressful situation in their homes, so again, many of these women’ issues, could have just come from consuming GMOs (Processed Foods) for many years.


I know that the people who did die from Corona/COVID, especially the elderly, were in fact suffering from ‘pre-existing conditions’ brought on by consuming a GMO/Processed diet. 


The GMO Effect


I been a GMO Educator since 2008 and all 6 of my health books have a chapter on GMOs, also called Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), Genetically Engineered Foods, Genetically Altered Foods, and FrankenFoods, after Frankenstein “The Monster.”


GMOs came on the scene in the late 80s, but over the past 5 years, they really became mainstream and became most people's favorite way to eat.


The doctors on the panelists even discussed Morgellon’s Disease, which is a disease where hair-like fibers extend from your skin, and this condition was first recognized as a side-effect of eating GMOs (aka “Processed Foods”).


Despite the fact that it probably took years for the effects of GMOs to break down the human body, these Vaccinations and their effects are instant.


However, we still can’t rule out that these new symptoms are not associated with a GMO diet and lifestyle. Genetically engineering techniques have been used on our foods for years.


These techniques, generally known as combining genetic DNA technology, use DNA molecules from different sources, which are combined into one molecule to create a new set of genes.


For instance, they mix the DNA of a plant with the DNA of an animal so that it will grow quicker, bigger and stronger, while increasing the longevity of the plant or animal, making it some type of “superbreed.”


These products have undergone only short-term testing to determine their effects on humans and the environment. They use DNA primarily from bacteria and fungus. Remember, bacteria are life-forms and they will find a way to survive.


They mix the pesticides and herbicides into plant seeds and the feed of animals, so they would not have to spray crops, but this resulted in bug resisted crops with superweeds and superbugs.


If you eat these foods (processed foods) there is no way to avoid eating pesticides and herbicides, which are poisons and heavy metals, which cause brain issues such as brain cancer, mental illness, bipolar disorder, depression, memory loss, brain fog, autism, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis (MS), etc.


This has resulted in people becoming “zombie-like” and for many to live in a “brain-dead” society, where people can’t think for themselves. And one thing GMO foods did also were to knock the fight out of people.

This is why many people have turned into sheep and just depend on the TV to tell them what is happening. They have no energy to fight back.


Other multiple illnesses caused by GMOs include antibiotic resistance diseases and new diseases such as Morgellon’s disease, food allergies, toxins, digestive issues, nutritional issues, organ damage, reproductive disorders and birth defects (such as kids born with smaller brains and low birth weight), miscarriages, infertility or lower sperm counts, immune problems, diabetes, cancer, obesity, blindness, accelerated aging – just to name a few.


Animals that have been Genetically Modified to save time and money are chickens, pigs, turkeys, etc. What is so alarming is that these Genetically Modified chickens cannot urinate, so the urine goes back up in them.


That is why these foods taste so juicy to those consuming them. For an egg to turn into a chicken, it takes a period of just one week. In the past in regular chickens, it took at least three weeks for this process.


This is How They Started Poisoning You


Most Americans eat the Standard American Diet (SAD), which is called SAD, and that right there should tell you something.

Over 80% of Americans probably eat this diet, which is full of GMO processed foods and that is why we have a high amount of sickness in this country.


You need to understand the origin of the four (4) basic food groups. You cannot trust the government, the medical industry, and especially the pharmaceutical industry, who worked tirelessly from the very beginning of your life – to come up with the four (4) basic food groups, which can get you sick and keep you sick.


This was done so that you become dependent on the medical and pharmaceutical industry. Most doctors cannot tell you how to eat because many have very little training on nutrition when they go to medical schools.


And who funds medical schools – the pharmaceutical industry. The medical and pharmaceutical industry is BIG BUSINESS so all they want to do is to keep you sick and/or on medications.


More Vaccinations Under Development


According to the medical doctors on the panel, there are 89 other vaccines being produced at this time. Just remember that doctors know extraordinarily little about health and nutrition and despite the many whistleblowers, who are doctors, we still need to air on the side of patience when it comes to listening to doctors.


As a whistleblower myself (, I support any whistleblowers, but I don’t know if these doctors are actually whistleblowers, just because they are speaking out against some of the illegalities in the medical industry.


How do we know these doctors are not a part of a “dark agenda” sent in to instill even more fear in our lives? Therefore, look for help with your health in Holistic and Natural Communities, which exist in every city.


Just understand up-front that most Holistic and Natural Healers are here today -- teaching and educating – simply because they were able to heal their ownselves.


This is my story of how I got started as a Holistic and Natural Healer and became the author of 6 health books “The Awakening” -- which is also my Preface in my first health book -- How To Take Control of Your Own Life (A Self-Help Guide to Becoming Healthier Over the Next 30 Days - Series 3)..

The medical doctors on the panel and Mike Adams, the Natural and Holistic Healer, responses to the vaccinations being a ‘bio-weapon were quite different. Unlike the medical experts, who did not have a solution, Mike Adams, had a much more viable solution.


He said there should be periods of monitoring everyone who had the vaccinations and others around them. However, the big picture and the bottomline is -- all of us need to take better care of ourselves by boosting our immune systems by getting back to living like our grandparents and their grandparents before them – when everything they ate came from the land.


He also said there will be casualties as we are already seeing, however, getting back to basic is where we are going to be able to move forward and build our New World.


I agree totally with Mike Adams and will continue to recommend natural and holistic remedies to people along with telling them why they should eat good, clean, organic foods, drink good, clean alkaline water, take daily supplements, get regular exercise, get plenty of rest, do engage in regular detox programs, breathe in fresh air (take off mask), and get plenty of sunlight.


There are many steps we can take ourselves to create the type of world we need to create – a much kinder and gentler world – a world with humanity – so that we can take care of each other.


Read my 6 health books to learn more about what has happened to the food supply system and why it is imperative that you grow your own food.


Check out my two links and initiatives for growing foods and


Cathy Harris is an Empowerment and Motivational Speaker, Holistic and Natural Healer and GMO Educator. She is available for Virtual and Community Seminars and Workshops at and you can buy her 6 health books and 20 other non-fiction books through her company, Join Cathy for regular monthly zoom meetings at


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