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September 2018 Edition
Save the Number, Save a Life!
Go to or text poison to 484848 to download Poison Control's contact info directly to your smartphone. Be prepared! Download and save the phone number and the link to online guidance for a suspected poisoning. Do it now!
Are Pyracantha Berries Poisonous?
Pyracantha is an evergreen shrub with plentiful orange-red berries and needle-like thorns. The berries have not been shown to be toxic to animals or humans, although swallowing large amounts might cause some mild stomach upset. 
Benefits and Risks of New Diabetes Drugs
SGLT2 inhibitors are a new class of drugs for type 2 diabetes. They have some unique benefits such as less risk of dangerously low blood sugar. On the down side, patients might experience more urinary infections and should guard against dehydration.  Learn more...
Stung by an Ant?
Ant stings are common but rarely serious unless they are from imported fire ants. Problems can occur with multiple stings or with allergic reactions.  Learn more...
Treating Tick Bites
Ticks are most active during warmer months, but tick bites can happen during any time of the year. Tick exposure can happen in your own backyard. See a healthcare provider if you experience fever, rash, or aches within a few weeks of a tick bite. Learn more...
Are Water Purifying Chemicals Safe?
Portable water purification chemicals are available in tablet, liquid, and powder form. They can be added to untreated water to kill harmful microorganisms and make the water safer to drink. Although generally safe, they can easily be mistaken for medications or candy.  Learn more...
Two ways to get help for a poison emergency:

Both are free and confidential. Both provide expert guidance based on age, weight, and amount.