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Tembua - The Precision Language Solution
"The smaller our world becomes, the more important it is that we understand each other."
--Patricia May, CEO & President of Tembua's finally Spring here in Minnesota and we are loving it!  We hope you all are enjoying Spring weather too!
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In this eNewsletter we have some amazing information and statistics to share with you about translation and why it's important to the growth of your company. If you have questions, feel free to call or email us.




Thank You,

Patricia May - CEO
Why Translate?


Why translate? People BUY in their own language!


A survey done by Common Sense Advisory found that 52% of respondents would only make purchases from a website in their own language. The number rose to 60% for speakers of Japanese or French. People not trained in English were six times more likely not to buy from an English-only site.The higher the price of the potential purchase, the more important it was to customers to read about it in their own language.


What part of the world do you want your clients to come from? How extensive are your products?  Who do you want to woo to the point of entering a credit card?  These are all great questions to consider when marketing your products/services internationally!

How Can We Help YOU?
We often receive questions regarding the types of businesses we serve. Here are some examples:


Retail outlets: Tembua translates marketing flyers into the languages spoken in their service areas. Would Spanish or Hmong or Russian or Chinese bring in more customers for you?


Insurance companies: There are recent government regulations concerning translations for your usage areas.

Tembua has significant experience with EOBs.


Law firms: Do your bilingual attorneys spend their time translating contracts when they could be bringing in more business? Tembua's assets include specialized legal translators who work in teams and create a translation memory specifically for you. They also cost less per hour than most attorneys.


Technology firms: Your competitors' manuals and catalogs are on their websites in the languages of their sales areas. Would posting information in multiple languages help you appear in foreign-language search engines and drive more business to your site?


If you're a large multinationalwhere are you on the localization maturation model? Is localization integrated into your entire business model? 


Startups: Are you thinking ahead to exporting? Your competitors are, and Tembua is helping! We can help you choose languages and point you to government sites that make exporting much easier.


Tembua serves most sectors and all sizes of companies. Click here to ask how we can help you protect your brand and grow!


Tembua is proud that we are certified to two international standards: ISO 9001:2008 and EN 15038:2006. 
Read more about our certifications in the following blogs...
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