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Oct 20-22 Workshop
The Leadership Challenge ®
Virtual Workshop Experience 
The Leadership Challenge® is an intense and interactive three day virtual program that helps you tap into your personal leadership skills through a variety of activities. As you'll come to learn through The Leadership Challenge®, leadership isn't about titles. It's not about the position you hold. It's about the way you behave, the way you influence and the way you inspire. And each of you needs to serve as leaders as you work toward your shared vision. 
"Bringing leadership development to nonprofits is key to survival. Often nonprofits don't have the funds to invest in leadership development as the corporations do, however, the work nonprofits provide is critical to our communities. Partnering with Leadership Council gives me an opportunity to connect nonprofits with each other, as well as provide affordable leadership development. The Leadership Council believes in leadership development and is committed to helping their member agencies grow their leaders."    
 - Valarie Willis
Facilitated by:  Valarie Willis, Certified Master Facilitator of The Leadership Challenge®
This program is made possible by: Wiley Publishing and Valarie Willis Consulting as part of a 'Give Back' program, and the John A Schroth Family Trust, PNC Trustee