Cochran's Country Market

                                                                              Specials in effect Feb 2-Feb 7, 2017        

Great for Game Day or Any Day!


Looking for some comfort food ideas to enjoy while watching the big game this weekend? 

Our Split Wings are on sale this week - perfect for feeding a gang! Then there's our delicious House-Made Pizzas, ready to bake!

And we've got Healthy Snack Choices that are super delicious...WAY BETTER Snacks (Sweet Potatoe, Multi-grain & Sweet Chili)  and Hardbite Carrot, Beet & Parsnip chips. Try'll LOVE them!

You asked...we answered: Yams are not Sweet Potatoes!!

A sweet potato is not a yam. A yam is not a sweet potato. A sweet potato isn't even a potato...a Yam is not a potato either.  

A sweet potato has tapered ends and thin, smooth skin and flesh that can range from light beige to burnished orange to purplish, even. A yam is cylindrical, typically white-fleshed (there is a purple variety, too) and has rough, dark, almost hairy skin.  They taste very different too. Yams are starchy and dry. Sweet potatoes are sweet and moist

The sweet potato is part of the morning glory family, and yams are related to palms and grasses.  Yams originated in Africa and grow in Africa, Southeast Asia, the Caribbean and Central America. Sweet potatoes grow in North America. 

Just in time for Valentine's Day, you can WIN a basket of Valentine treats...just for being a loyal eFlyer subscriber!! I f you're on our eFlyer list, you are always IN to WIN! 

But if you're not on our l ist... sign up here or at the store (put your email address in our ballot box).  Check out all of our winners We'll drawing for the basket on Feb 9th!

See you at Cochran's,
Tim Cochran   
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This Week's Specials...






Pork Roast








3 for $1









Yummy Avocados  

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