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Surviving as a one-person HR department:

Avoid lawsuits and stress
The pressures and responsibilities of HR are difficult enough for a whole department of people, but when you're the only HR professional, or when HR is just one of the hats you wear, you're often in survival mode.

As you work to maintain compliance with state and federal regulations, address employee misconduct, recruit and onboard new employees, and handle every sticky situation that crosses your desk, how do you do it all without becoming stressed to the point where you lose your edge? 

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Many HR practitioners – especially those at startups and small businesses – are not only generalists, but HR departments of one, managing everything from onboarding to open enrollment to termination.

Whether you’re a lone COO, People Operations Manager, HR Specialist, or if you’re the lone member of your company’s HR department, you must be all things HR to all employees.

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No matter your size, you have to compete for talent, comply with employment laws and create an environment where your people and organization can excel.

We can help with all of that!

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