Compensation Trends and Strategies for 2023 Webinar!

  • Your top candidate turns you down because the salary you offered is not enough. 
  • One of your key people lets you know they are ‘moving on’. They received a more lucrative offer. 
  • You are starting to hear grumblings that your annual increase is not sufficient. 
  • You already feel the pressure because other business expenses are on the rise.

Does any of this sound familiar?
If so, you will not want to MISS our upcoming webinar!

With the tight labor market, and increased pressure from inflation, more and more employers are struggling to keep up with rising compensation costs. At our October 5 webinar, we will address COMPENSATION TRENDS AND STRATEGIES FOR 2023.

We will talk about some of the things you need to consider as an employer to become more competitive and to attract and keep good people. We will talk about your compensation philosophy, how to find relevant wage information, and how to implement strategies that will help you stay competitive.  

Topics include:
  • Compensation Philosophy
  • Job Classification
  • Wage Analysis
  • Compensation Systems
  • Pay Equity Concerns
  • Benefit Review

When:  Wednesday, October 5, 2022
Where: Virtual
Time: noon-1pm
Cost: $59.00
Presented by: Alternative HR, LLC 

You're the ringleader for hiring discrimination
Imagine one day you wake up and on the news you see your company is under fire for hiring discrimination.

And you’re one of the culprits because you didn’t take another look at your hiring procedure.

This whole time your company has been discriminating accidentally when hiring.

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  • Interviewing do's and don'ts
  • The ins and outs of checking references
  • Job-description wording that could land you in legal hot water
  • How to remove bias from the interview process
  • And more!

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