The Problem:
You have a duty to advise your clients "about the advantages, disadvantages and availability of dispute resolution processes" for their matters, as required by Rules 1.2 and 2.1. Failure to provide appropriate ADR advice may put you at risk. That duty requires a lot more than your simply using the magic letters "A-D-R."

The Solution: The Joint ADR Committee
Your membership in the Joint ADR Committee can:
  • Help you meet your ethical obligations.
  • Build your ADR knowledge, fluency and skill
  • Hone your negotiation talents
Your $25 Annual Dues Will Give You:

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For questions about renewals or Joint ADR Committee membership, call Diane Willard at 804-644-0441, Ext. 116, or email her at
The Joint ADR Committee welcomes members of either the Virginia State Bar or The Virginia Bar Association to join our group. VBA membership is not required. The VBA provides staff and administrative support for this substantive section's activities, including email distribution and dues collection. Membership in the committee requires a profile on the VBA website.