Volume 42 | July 2018
Are You Engaging Everyone?
Most small groups are made of a mixture of people - differences in age, marital status, learning styles, gender, or even spiritual maturity. And everyone can learn a lot through this kind of diversity. On the other hand, diversity makes it more likely that we'll leave someone out in our discussions.Take a look at some of the articles below for ideas on how to engage everyone in your group and get them involved.
Sensory Small Groups
Using all five senses to help group members engage

Research indicates that we retain only 10 percent of what we hear; 20 percent of what we see; 65 percent of what we hear and see; but 90 percent of what we hear, see, and do. Add in taste and smell - though a challenge in a small group - and you have the opportunity to use all of the senses to help your group members engage. Click here to read more.
Accountable Application
Don't forget to ask application questions, and then follow up.

Small group leaders often believe they have to possess the gift of teaching in order to produce a great lesson. This is far from accurate. The reality is that biblical truth is more caught than taught. The group leader's role is not to be the teacher. Rather, the leader is to be a guide. The leader should facilitate discussion, helping people discover biblical truth for themselves. Click here to read more .
Cultivate a Disciple-Making Environment for Everyone
You can create the right environment for a healthy group.

Jesus' invitation to follow him is an invitation to pattern our lives after him in every way. Jesus is relational. We see this in his relationship with his Heavenly Father, the disciples, the communities where he ministered, and how he relates to us today.

I can't think of a better way to follow Jesus and pattern my life after his than bonding with others in a small group and traveling together in our spiritual journeys. Small groups are not a ministry program. They're not something to be added to a list of recommendations for healthy Christian living. Rather, small groups instrumental to being the church. Click here to read more .
Share the Ownership
Thirteen roles to get everyone involved

The goal of a small-group leader is for the people in your small group to see it as "our group." Good leaders proactively help make this happen.

God has gifted people in your group, so when you give them a way to use their gifts you not only share ownership, but also give them a way to serve in their sweet spot. That makes it a win for you as the leader and fruitful and fulfilling for the group members as they discover and use their spiritual gifts. Click here to read more .
Save the Date!
Save the date for the events below - both for you and for your small group members:
  • 1 Samuel, Part Two - The Tale of Two Kings: Sunday, July 15 - Sunday, August 12