Remember how in high school you sometimes were faced with choices, and how you selected could either make you more popular or more respected? Seldom could you achieve both at the same time. You know that saying: "Be careful about following the masses because sometimes the "m" is silent. 

Who would have thought that your professional life could present the same kinds of challenges?

The blogosphere in fact does often make people choose. You can opt to post on a topic that you are sure will be popular, or you can focus on something that may not get you a ton of traffic, but it could earn you some credibility.  Which do you choose? You can read more about this here

Wednesday's post was inspired by the "Never Trump" contingent at the 2016 Republican National Convention. Don't worry, this post doesn't get political. Several commentators discussed why this effort failed. A fair amount of people were behind the idea of "Never Trump," but what the group did not answer was, "OK, then what? Who?" Similar issues can arise in marketing. It's easy to say, "That doesn't work" or "I never want to try that." If you fail to offer a viable solution, however, your company can end up doing nothing, and everybody loses. You can read more about that here. 
Larry's Corner

While I have tried to eliminate all fast food from my diet, my remaining weak spot seems to be Arby's. If it wasn't bad enough that I like their roast beef sandwiches and their super salty fries (and even sometimes a milkshake), Arby's has recently added large cookies to their offering. The cookies weigh in at $1.49 each. Since a typical sandwich, fries and drink combo typically is around $7.50, I figure the geniuses at Arby's figured we had nothing better to do with the change from our $10 bill and yet we still got back a little change. In other words, they found a fairly seamless way to add 20% to our bill while playing to our sweet tooth.
There is something to learn from this little anecdote. People will always spend a little more if they determine they really need it (or in this case, determine they really WANT it). Our job at marketing central is to analyze the tools in our ever-expanding marketing toolbox (boy is that getting heavy) to determine how we can impart that message and get our client's customers to upgrade their purchase and feel that they got a better value for doing so.
The airlines are masters of this technique. Want more foot room? That'll be $25.
Want to be up near the front? That'll be $25. Need to check another bag? That'll be $25.

You get the point.
Our diversified client base includes everything from restaurants to office supply stores to heavy industrial. At the end of the day, each of their customers needs a cookie. Our job is to help them make the batter.

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