November 13-15, 2018  at the Nottawasaga Inn Resort & Convention Centre, Alliston, ON
2002 A.D. Latornell Conservation Symposium
2016 Latornell Conservation Symposium
Latornell Chair Welcomes Delegates
Are You Getting Ready for Latornell?
This year marks the 25 th Anniversary of the Latornell Conservation Symposium and I look forward to re-connecting next week with colleagues and friends as well as meeting new delegates, speakers, sponsors and exhibitors!

I've attended this event, myself, 12 times starting in 1997.

We've had some pretty notable keynote speakers including: renowned diplomat Stephen Lewis, astronaut, Chris Hadfield, scientists including Robert Costanza, Stephen Born, William Bird, William Rees, Quentin Chiotti and Gayle Kranzberg, Indigenous leaders such as Shelia Watt-Cloutier and Kim Wheatley; environmental economists Joseph Health and Peter Victor; marketing strategists Terry O'Reilly, Mitch Joel and Jeremy Gutsche; as well as politicians Elizabeth May and a young Justin Trudeau!

Our discussions have delved into important issues of the day that affect Ontario's environmental sector including climate change, Great Lakes, the green economy, sustainable growth, resiliency, conservation, healthy communities, biodiversity and many others.

And one of the special features of the Symposium, which I think is very important to highlight, is the mentoring role that we play. By design, the Latornell Conservation Symposium ensures there are many different types of opportunities for younger conservation professionals and students to network and learn from Ontario's practitioners and policy makers. Lending a hand to those who will work with us and eventually take our places is an important way to build a 'Conservation Community' in Ontario which, after all, is what the Latornell Conservation Symposium is all about!

Put your snow tires on and I'll see you at Latornell on November 13th!

Scott Peck, Chair, 2019 Latornell Conservation Symposium
BYOB - Bring Your Own Bags, Please
Don't forget to 'Walk the Talk' and bring your own bag to Latornell. Not only will this cut down on the energy it takes to produce the bags, it's a great way to re-use a bag that may be riding round in your trunk, stuffed under the seat of your car, or tucked into your knapsack. Even if it's not a 'Latornell' bag, any re-usable bag will fit the bill!
Do You Know What Else We Do to Keep Things Green?
  • Partner with Trees Ontario, the Nottawasaga Foundation and the Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority to 6,000 trees each year to offset carbon emissions caused by our event
  • Provide an online carpooling tool
  • Symposium is powered by 100% clean renewable energy through Bullfrog Power
  • Our maple syrup thank you gifts come from local trees
Thank You to the TD Group!
Funding from the TD group allowed us to ensure meaningful inclusion of Indigenous perspectives and projects throughout the Latornell Conservation Symposium.
With their support, we were able to include keynote speakers, session speakers, student moderators, delegates and social events throughout our program and we are looking forward to continually build on this success in the upcoming years.
52,000 Trees Planted in Partnership for Latornell
Since 2008, 52,000 trees have been planted int he Nottawasaga Valley watershed on behalf of all the speakers at the Latornell Conservation Symposium to offset their carbon footprint created by attend the Symposium.

This is made possible by a unique partnership between the Symposium, the Nottawasaga Foundation, Forests Ontario and the Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority. Thank you to all our partners!
Looking to Carpool to Latornell?
Each year, the Steering Committee is contacted by delegates who are interested in carpooling to the Symposium. Like previous years, we have created a special carpooling page to help delegates connect with one another and arrange transportation to and from the Symposium. You can add your name to our page as an indication that you are A) looking for a ride, or B) willing to offer a ride.

To learn more about carpooling to the Symposium, and to sign up, visit our Carpooling webpage.
Let's Chat!
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For More Information:
Karen Anderson and Mario Maillet, Symposium Coordinators
Latornell Conservation Symposium
1-888-274-1364 ext. 4

c/o Conservation Ontario
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Newmarket, Ontario
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Header image credit: NASA/JSC