August 18, 2016

Another Pro Football Hall of Fame Enshrinement Festival is in the books, but the excitement surrounding the Hall carries on. Canton and the surrounding area have much to look forward to, thanks to the vision of the Hall's CEO, David Baker, and his staff. Their plan for the Hall of Fame Village (right) will transform this entire region. It's a great example of what is possible when leaders have vision and inspire other to work together for the common good. It's an exciting time to be a part of what is happening in Northeast Ohio, and we're proud to call Canton our home!

Interview: Mike Boyd and Lauren Boyd

Mike Boyd and his daughter Lauren were featured in an interview that Jim Ondrus, an executive coach and business consultant from Canton, published on his Leadership Transitioning & Education blog in July (see link, below).

The interview was also featured in the July edition of Jim's e-newsletter, Transitions.
The article features Mike and Lauren's views business, their personal mentors in life, pearls of wisdom, and the legacy they hope to leave behind. Many thanks to Jim for sharing the story in his blog and e-newsletter!

Mike's Blog: Two Keys to a Good Business Deal

Sometimes, I catch customers off guard.

We'll be having a conversation about a project, and inevitably they'll ask, "What will that cost?" And I'll reply, "What kind of budget do you have?"

That might sound naïve. After all, a sign is a sign. A display is a display. And they cost a certain amount, right? So I should just give them a quote and leave it at that.

But that's not why I ask the question....

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