Employers - are you struggling in the race for finding new employees? Do you feel like the good employees are just not answering your ad? Maybe they are not seeing it at all?

Want some help with where to advertise, and how to navigate that process - at a great price?

Alternative HR is here to help you! We can recruit for you on various sites, screen the applicants, select the right candidate, and take over as much or as little as you choose.

$99 Job Post! If you provide the ad you want posted, and a logo you'd like included, we will post it for 30 days through our applicant tracking system. We push it to Indeed, Glassdoor, U.S. Labor boards, and many other online boards. You and your hiring managers will receive login access to see your ad and applicant information anytime you wish. You will also receive a link so you can connect the ad onto your own website or online platforms. $99 is your full cost for 30 days!

$209 Job Post with Social Media! If you need a little more help, check out this package! For $209, we will include the same 30 days of online advertising but we will add EXTRA services. We will review and enhance the ad for you, using your team of experts, and we will increase your coverage by posting your ad on our Facebook and LinkedIn networks, and you will have a full menu of online presence. Again, this is your full cost for 30 days!