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The EGSA Online Learning Program is operational and the courses that we have put together for our membership currently consist of two modules:
Introduction to On-Site Power Generation
This valuable resource provides a fast overview of the On-Site Power Generation industry - why there is a need for on-site power; the principal components and accessories that comprise a generator set and how generator sets are distributed and reach the end-user.

This course is for industry professionals new to the industry or those whose jobs in power generation might not expose them to an overall understanding of the general principles of our industry!

Component suppliers, sales, parts and service people, project managers, consulting/specifying engineers, technicians and others who have experience, but might not understand the basics of our industry, how it is structured and how it operates will find this course useful.

This course has a price of $100 for members; $130 for non-members.
Introduction to NFPA70E,
Electrical Safety in the Workplace
This course should be taken by anyone that works with, or near, electrical equipment. It provides knowledge of the dangers of live electrical components and steps to ensure personal safety.

This course has a price of $50 for members and non-members.

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