June 2018 Newsletter
Loraine Rhea
"I used to have my quiet times by myself,
and now I have them with God."
Loraine Rhea shared this in front of a room of women at a Battle for Women’s Hearts event. It seemed like such a simple thing when she said it, but oh how many of us can relate!
Through those words, Loraine was pointing to the years she spent studying the Scriptures and talking to God (Not bad things at all!) but how her quiet times have shifted to inviting God to be a part of them by frequently taking the time to engage her whole heart, inviting God to interact with her through the Scriptures, and LISTENING to what He wants to say specifically to her in the moment. She is being changed through relationship and it is transforming her life.

 Loraine is not alone in this new revelation. Men and women in the Battle process are consistently discovering how they are having quiet times and doing life independent of God without even realizing it.
“I am really task-oriented and it is hard for me to stop and be still…even to listen to God. I am realizing the importance of seeking out and listening to God’s heart for me. When I take the time to stop and listen, I am blown away with hearing God’s affirmation and love which deeply touches my soul. I am reminded that I am not alone and that God is with me, giving me the encouragement to persevere. -Teresa Whittle of Oak Mountain Presbyterian Church, Birmingham AL
“I have found most often when I sit down to my morning Battle Prep, my heart is closed and I am in my default of guilt or fear. As I meditate on the Awareness of God and Yourself section of the battle prep I am reminded of who God is and who I am. Knowing and continually experiencing God’s love and forgiveness gives me freedom and courage to continue in the battle .” - Bill Windle of Oak Mountain Presbyterian Church, Birmingham AL

This past weekend more than 30 Battle for the Heart alumni attended a Leadership Equipping Track (LET) workshop in Atlanta, GA focusing on how to more effectively reveal God’s heart of compassion through Listening in Four Directions.
The LET Summit took the skills participants learned at the Battle for Your Domain – listening in two directions: to what is going on in the other person’s heart and your own - and built on that by asking participants to also consider what God might be doing or saying in the engagement.
“We are made in the very image of God,” said Larry Bolden, “and have the capacity to reveal his heart to the world simply by being present and loving well. But the enemy wants to diminish that capacity…tempting us to not be fully present and consider what God may be up to in a given situation.”
Workshop participants were challenged to listen without an agenda, focusing on hearing what is being said (or not said) by the person they’re engaging, consider how they’re impacted, ask the Lord how he would like to direct the engagement and consider ways evil might be hunting.
Everything else – how we respond, the questions we ask – flows out of listening.
The LET workshop included a review of basic engaging skills, the introduction of new tips and techniques, a full elevator modeling and extensive practice time. The combination of modeling and practicing what they saw demonstrated was particularly helpful to many participants.
  "My significant takeaway was learning how to forget the “agenda”, let what God has put in me come forth and trust His leading."
The Summit “spurred me on to more engagement and invited me into life and love”
Have You heard the Big news?

Wellspring Group just launched a new initiative that makes a way for even more men and women to take heart and enter into the Battle for the Heart.
Building partners to GIVE HEART

As we have shifted our retreat pricing to direct costs for participants, our retreats no longer contribute to the general expenses of the ministry. We trust that as the Lord uses Wellspring to GIVE HEART to men and women through the Battle, He will stir hearts to partner with us to bridge the $150,000 gap in 2018 and 2019.

We are simply amazed by His provision through a commitment of
a $75,000 lead gift to inspire new monthly partners!

Our Goal: $5,000 in new monthly partnerships.

Will you be a part?
Visit wellspringgroup.org or contact Anisa for more details.