The concept of motherhood and mothers in general brings up such a wide range of emotions, and with current events highlighting the rights and plight of women and children both here and abroad, it can feel even more heightened.

No matter how you feel about your mother, being or not being a mother, or what that even means, every single person on the planet is biologically here because of someone who we traditionally have called "mother." And as humans, the ideal mother is something we long for, yet very few have experienced, because, well, our mothers are human!

If you are reading this, we share the same Mother Earth who exists to support our species with life and beauty. Today's PGG talks about how there are many forms of mothering and being mothered. And regardless of your gender, we must all become mothers to ourselves.

Although I have neither human nor fur babies, by now you probably know that I am a proud mama who recently gave birth to my third child, Say It To Make It: Affirmations to Empower Your Heart, Mind, Spirit and Soul (In case you missed it, click here for the PGG announcement and here is a fun video of it coming out:). Scroll down to learn more, or watch this video where one client reader talks about how she relates to Say It To Make It (SITMI), noting that it "may be small, but it's mighty."

You can learn more by visiting the book's website here, and purchase on Amazon here. If you already have one - THANK YOU! Please consider writing a review and/or posting about the book on social media with the hashtag #sayittomakeit. Any video testimonials (this one was great!) or photos are much appreciated so others get a good feel for it that way as well. Stay tuned for related announcements and events as they evolve!

Today's PGG Video of the Week is one where I talk about acknowledging those who have mothered you. This week's Instagram post features Baby Yoda, since this week was also May the 4th :) And for today's PGG Vibe of the Week, how about little silliness with Abba's Mama Mia or this one, a meditative experience I came across called The Song of Mother Earth.

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