At a recent team meeting, I asked each of our team members to share what are some of their favorite items to sell. This was to be based purely on either playing with the item themselves, or observing kids use it. Below are some of our top 26 favorites. 
Cookie Cutter Assortment
Crocodile Creek
$96 (32pc)
Best Pal's Diner Pretend Play
eeboo $7 (pk 6)
6" UV Football
Waboba $5.25 (pk 12)
Butterfly & Imperial Yoyos
Duncan Toys $2 (pk 24)
AJ Play $7.50 (pk 16)
Madd Mattr
Relevant Play $6.50 (pk 6)
Surf Ball Asst.
Waboba $4.25 (pk 24)
Unicorn's Magical Day Shadow Book
Peter Pauper $6.50 (pk 3)
 Paint-It Auto Design Studio
Modarri $15 (pk 6)
Water Marbles
Heebie Jeebie $2.25 (pk 24)
Crazy Letters Game
Mindware $12.75 (pk 6)
Fizz Rocket
Heebie Jeebies
$3.50 (pk 24)
Red T-Rex
Schleich $13 (pk 1)
Ogo Disc
Ogo Sport $15 (pk 6)
PYO Stepping Stone T-Rex
Mindware $13 (pk 4)
Doink It Darts
Marky Sparky $15 (pk 6)
Build A Car 3 Pack
Modarri $30 (pk 4)
Glo Cubes
Glo Pals $4.80 (pk 5)
PYO Porcelain Bowls
Mindware $13 (pk 6)
Flow N Fill Spout 
Yookidoo $12.80 (pk 6)
Nightball Hoop Lights
Tangle $6 (pk 12)

Nightball HighBall Asst.
Tangle $5 (pk 12)
Wingman Disk
Waboba $3 (pk 24)
Jr. Wall Sticker Playhouse
Ann Williams $10.00 (pk 8)
Aqua Maze Twister
Mindware $20 (pk 3)
30" Jumbo Soccer Ball
B4 Adventure $12.50 (pk 6)

Many Exciting
Fun Toys!
University Games' Heist
One of our top selling new games for older kids has been Heist from University Games. It's an active, mystery game that is action packed. Having a demo is key with this item. For a limited time,(until June 18th), University Games will send you a free demo with a purchase of 11 heist games. Watch the fun: Heist Video
$13.75 (4)
Showing That We Love What We Do
"Hey look at this. Is this not the coolest thing you ever saw?" says one of my more gregarious store owners. He could be showing a wide variety of items to his customers (though they usually shoot, fly, or race), but his enthusiasm is contagious.
This is a store owner that even after decades of selling toys, revels in the products that he has to offer. His enthusiasm becomes contagious.
I also call on a store that has as many samples and demos out to play with as possible. When not unpacking boxes, the staff at this store approaches almost all the customers who walk in, and eagerly shows them their latest favorite product.
Then there's the store that seems to know not only the name of everyone who walks in there, but all the places they went on their last vacation, and what pets they might have.
When a customer walks into this store, they are immediately led to the newest, greatest toy that matches up best with this child. They do this with such excitement, I wonder how anyone could ever say no to then.
The common thread between these 3 stores, is the joy in the products that they sell. There's a playfulness that they bring to their work, which is what makes them so successful.
Running a business is hard. There are so many challenges that we all face on a daily basis. However, we are in the business of selling toys. Let's take some time, and let our customers see the joy we have with the wonderful products that we sell.
The Sandy Ruben Team
Sandy Ruben  (NC/SC/VA/AL/MS) 843-696-4464 sandyrubeninfo@gmail.com
Tom Darnell  (TN/KY) 615-945-8939 darnelltoys@gmail.com
Katherine Hodges  (NC/SC) 919-244-8774 toyrep@nc.rr.com
Don Smith  (GA/AL) 919-749-8038 donsmithSRA@gmail.com
Valerie Bernstein  (AL/TN/GA) 678-595-3062 valeriebernstein1@gmail.com
Misty Blalock Audish ( NC/SC/VA) 704-258-7367 mbaudish@gmail.com
Rachel Jones  (VA/NC) 218-230-8898 toysalesrep@hotmail.com
Dee Senter  (SC/MS/NC) 803-414-7207 dsentertoyrep@gmail.com
Catherine Coury  (TN/SC/NC/FL) 732-841-9372 catherinecoury2@hotmail.com
Daryll Gunter  (FL) 850-838-6568  toysarecool@yahoo.com
Gabriella Araujo  (FL) 631-946-3030  gabriellatoyrep@hotmail.com