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The New Normal

As businesses begin to transition back to the workplace, one thing is clear: the workplace has developed into something new since we left. New guidelines have been set in place to ensure health and safety for your employees and clients. This season has shifted initiatives such as well-being, virtual connections, priority resets, and healthier living to the forefront.
Now more than ever, we have an overwhelming need to stay safe, be healthy and reduce stress and anxiety. It is essential to make sure employees feel happy, engaged, and protected. Finding solutions to ensure overall well-being for your employees proves your appreciation for all that they do.

Virtual Connection:
Social distancing has reimagined the way we utilize our virtual world and tools. We have embraced new ways of conducting meetings, conferences, trade shows, and even speaking with loved ones.
Priority Reset:
From large corporations to communities and individuals, one common theme is rethinking everything. We are collectively redefining what is essential and what is not.

Healthy Earth = Healthy Life:
With the considerable focus on our collective health, many are reminded how connected our wellbeing is to the health of our planet. While sustainability is a close second to the COVID-19 crisis - this is a mindset that is not going away.

Reopening Season
The current health crisis has brought change and a new focus in today’s business environment. We have new objectives around our well-being, virtual connections, priority resets, and healthier living initiatives that have taken the forefront.

This is our New Normal Catalog for going back to work with seven key product categories for a healthier workplace that you might find useful as you ramp up for your reopening. We are here to help!
Protective Barriers
Protect your employees' workspaces and open office areas. These movable barriers are perfect for counters, desks, waiting rooms, and even break rooms.

Hand Sanitizer Stands
Have a customized sanitizer stand to reassure everyone from your employees to your clients. Place them near elevators, front doors, and in conference rooms.

Floor Signage
Signs are a great reminder for everyone that walks through your doors to follow specific guidelines you have in place to keep your workplace healthy.

Mirror/Wall Stickers
Sometimes an extra nudge is needed, these easily seen stickers are just what you need to prompt each individual to do their part.

We know that searching for the best supplies to keep your employees/customers/clients safe can be overwhelming. Please contact us for ideas that will work with every budget.

For more details on the products in the New Normal Catalog listed above, please email or call us and we will help you find what you need. The Donna Bender Company is here to support you during this reopening season!

Here's to your Health and Safety! 
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