Last Minute Preparations for a Successful Early Season
After a rather long and chilly February, it may still feel like mid-Winter, but as many Colorado or Wyoming residents know: wait 5 minutes and it’ll be 70 degrees and sunny. The weather will break at any time and before we know it, Spring-training time is over, and the season is on! Prepare for your best year ever by following these simple, yet vital tasks:
1.) Attend CPS Spring Fling: At Spring Fling, CPS offers classroom training, lunch, and invaluable face to face interaction with industry-leading manufacturers, completely free of cost.
2.) Replenish Inventory: Spring Fling is also the best time of the year to place your early season orders. In addition to Spring Fling specials & discounts, Spring Fling purchases also qualify you into several drawings for great prizes.
3.) Plan & Prioritize Your Workload: Remember to prioritize your best customers. Take special care of those who use your services year-over-year and refer you to new business. Remember, in this current economy you can say "yes" to only the best new opportunities! 
Spring Fling is Thursday, March 7
It's time for Colorado and Wyoming's premier Irrigation, Landscape, Golf, Horticulture & Water Well Trade Show.

Join us this Thursday, March 7th at The Denver Mart (I-25 and 58th Avenue)  451 East 58th Avenue, Denver, CO 80216

Visit Vendors:  Meet with over 70 vendors from the irrigation, landscape, golf, sports turf, horticulture, grow and water well industries and see what is new for 2019.

Free Training Seminars:  Attend business and technical seminars that are CE accredited from NALP and the Colorado and Wyoming pump and well organizations.

Free Lunch:  Enjoy a delicious BBQ lunch served from 11:30am to 1:30pm

Super Savings:  One day specials on the products you need for upcoming jobs. Order during Spring Fling for the best pricing! We will have exciting deals for the entire day.

Grand Prize Giveaway: Enter in to win a 14' tandem trailer with custom wrap job!

Plan Your Day:  Show hours are from 7AM till 3PM, seminars take place during the morning and after lunch. Review the class schedule here . Prize Giveaways begin at 3pm - must be present to win.

Spring Irrigation Startup Tips:
This past Winter came with some colder weather and deep freezes. Contractors will have to do a thorough system inspection before starting irrigation systems. Below is a quick list of tips to get you going during Spring Startup Season!

1. Do a General System Check
Install fresh batteries in your system timer and reprogram for a spring watering schedule. Put back all water source connection components as before, inspect and replace any cracked or worn parts. Inspect the filter screen and clean or replace it.

2. Start Up Slowly
Turn on water so that it is at very low pressure. This will eliminate pressure surges that can snap T’s and elbows in a line or cause further harm to — if your system uses them — sprinkler heads that may have experienced freeze damage. It will also help to clear out any dead bugs and/or debris that may have collected in sprinkler lines.

3. Recharge Sprinkler Systems
Start with the valve that is furthest from the water source. Open the water valve to let out air and water. Then, gradually bring up the water pressure. Repeat this process with each valve and make note of any one that does not appear to be working.

4. Inspect Drip Systems
Examine all drip emitters, soaker hose drip lines, sprayers and bubblers. Check tubing for any cracks, splits or any areas that have stopped watering. After cleaning and repairing lines, remove all end caps and flush the lines. Replace end caps when finished.

5. Check Backflow Preventer
It is critical that you also inspect this device, which keeps contaminated water out of the system. You will always find it located 12 inches above the highest point in the system. Remember that a differential pressure of 1 psid is what you need to find when you compare readings on the high and low-pressure differential gauges you’ll need to test the  backflow preventer .

6. Run controller
Do a test run of your system. If your machine irrigates by zone, then do a zone-by-zone run-through. Sprinkler heads that do not pop up properly in a particular zone may indicate possible pipe issues and should be addressed as quickly as possible.
Let’s Talk Spring Fertilization & Aeration
It’s that time of year again when we know spring is right around the corner. This means it’s time to wash the ice melt out of our fertilizer spreaders, service the ‘ol aerator, sharpen all the tools and start planning for the season ahead.
Geo-Ripper FAQ
Gone are the days of digging trenches by hand. Now you can dig trenches in a fraction of time using the GeoRipper. GeoRipper uses two-stroke and four-stroke engines that are specifically designed to work in hostile environments. This article features a a series of Frequently Asked Questions – answered by GeoRipper and professionals that use a GeoRipper as part of their arsenal of tools.
CPS Water Management Summit
Please join HydroPoint, Rain Bird, Hunter, Winfield, AgPro, and the CPS team for a deep dive into the innovations surrounding Water Management and Conservation. Pick from the 3 course tracks below to best suit your current experience. This Summit will fill up quickly - Register to save your spot today!
Unilock Contractor Advantage Seminar: March 19th, 9am-2pm
Denver Mart

As the largest Unilock distributor in Colorado, CPS is excited to share the upcoming Unilock Contractor Advantage training. Looking to jumpstart your hardscape business and have a more profitable 2019? Attend the Unilock Contractor Advantage Seminar for a day of hands-on learning to give you the competitive advantage for the upcoming year! Lunch will be provided.
Belgard University: March 21st, 9am-2:30pm
Jefferson County Fairgrounds
Our newest pave line, Belgard, is hosting their annual Belgard University on March 21st! This year’s Belgard U features Live Demos designed to not only highlight best practices but bring you time saving techniques along with the opportunity for ICPI Continuing Education Hours. Lunch will be provided.